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Derek Ridley

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Title: Lead Installer

Derek Ridley from Healthy Spaces

Meet Derek!

Derek is the lead installer in moisture. What he enjoys most about his job is working in crawl spaces. The most important thing he likes about Healthy Spaces is that everyone works hard and does a great job.

In his free time, Derek enjoys playing with his kids, playing video games, and working on cars. 

Customer Reviews
About Me
  • By Connie D.
    Corydon, KY

    Customer Review

    By Connie D.
    Corydon, KY

from customers I've helped!
  • "I have nothing but good things to say about all of the people that I have dealt with at Healthy Spaces. From..." Read Full Testimonial

    Tom S. of Evansville, IN

    Customer Testimonial

              Good Morning Chris, I wanted to let you know how pleased we are, of the work that the crews did in our crawl space. The first crew did a fantastic job of clearing out the crawl space and cleaning it up. Then their had work on removing all the mold and sealing all of the wood. I could hear them with their brushes wiping down all the floor joists. That is some physical work that they performed. The second crew worked just as hard putting in the drainage lines around the perimeter of the foundation, the sump pump, and the sump pump drain line. Then on top of that.... we extended the sump drain line another 70 feet to the curb. That was a lot of digging and manual labor involved. Next, they installed the Silverglo on the walls, the dimpled matting, and finally the Cleanspace all around. The last step was setting up the Sanidry Sedona dehumidifier and getting it running. I have nothing but good things to say about all of the people that I have dealt with at Healthy Spaces. From yourself to the ladies in the office that called and scheduled the work, to the two crews that did the installation of it all. All have done a fantastic job. And that is even after we chose to upgrade our package once the first crew started their work. We appreciate you working with us on that... and getting it done in a timely fashion. Then finally to you Chris. Thanks for taking the time and being diligent in your work, to get the best outcome possible for our house and crawlspace. I believe that once we realized the amount of water we cad coming into the crawlspace, it was a no brainer to upgrade to the Cleanspace/dimple matting and dehumidifier. Thank you for coming back out and making that happen. I have no issues with recommending your services to anyone else out there, that may need the services that Healthy Spaces provides. Sincerely, Tim S. Evansville, IN PS: We did not receive any discounts for writing this letter. This letter was written of our own accord and we believe that praise is due for a job well done.
    Tom S.
    Evansville, IN

Videos from projects I was involved with:

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Moisture in Crawlspace in Payneville, KY
    Moisture in Crawlspace in Payneville, KY

    Moisture in Crawlspace in Payneville, KY

    This Payneville, KY crawl space was full of mold, moisture, and mud and the homeowners needed a solution to repair and prevent the damage from reoccurring. As you know, the earth is damp, and as that damp soil dries beneath your house, the water vapor moves upward. The dirt floor in the before picture makes for an easy passageway for moisture to enter the crawl space and cause problems.

    Design Specialist, Bob Roberts,was sent to the home to discuss what steps they could take to stop more damage. To prevent issues like these, the CleanSpace barrier was installed. This has multiple layers of plastics with flexibility and tear resistance to stop water vapor from permeating up from the floor. When the CleanSpace liner is laid over the floor of the crawl space, water can seep or even flow under it to the sump, keeping your crawl space clean and dry. This encapsulation system satisfied all of the repair criteria while dramatically transforming the area into a healthy, usable space. This crawl space now has no more humidity than upstairs.

  • Controlling Water in Mount Carmel, IL
    Controlling Water in Mount Carmel, IL

    Controlling Water in Mount Carmel, IL

    When this Mount Carmel, IL homeowner noticed that his downspouts from his gutters were only pouring rainwater into his foundation, he knew he needed a solution. He of course wanted to keep his basement dry and free of mold and a way to make sure that happened was to find alternate discharge lines. He gave us a call to see what we could offer.

    Bob Breadhold, one of our Design Specialists, met with the homeowner and discussed what we could do for the homeowner. After an inspection, they agreed that 3 lawnscape outlets would be the best solution. This outlet enables downspout water to escape with virtually no pitch. This is a discharge line buried under the ground so it takes rainwater away from the home. After it is installed, the grass will grow back over it and all that will be seen is the outlet. 

  • Reed, KY Crawl Space Transformed
    Reed, KY Crawl Space Transformed

    Reed, KY Crawl Space Transformed

    This Reed, KY homeowner had noticed that his home would never stay the same temperature. It was humid and hot in the summer, and the air conditioner was always running. In the winter, it was frigid, and with the heat running and the floors were always cold as well. The homeowner decided to give us a call to diagnose the issues that were happening.

    Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, was to the rescue. When he arrived, he greeted the homeowners and proceeded to do a thorough inspection of the crawl space. It was humid and damp, and the previous vapor barrier wasn't doing its job. Damon recommended a new vapor barrier to keep the crawl space dry and seal away the outside moisture and air. The crew installed a 6mil liner to the crawl space to help with this. 

    These homeowners are very satisfied with the end result and have already noticed a financial difference in their monthly electric bills.

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