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Scott Schaum

Healthy Spaces

Title: Systems Design Specialist

Scott Schaum from Healthy Spaces

Your home is your biggest investment, and Scott's goal is to help you protect it. With his title here at Healthy Spaces, he enjoys learning something new every day and passing that information on to the homeowners and co-workers that he works with. 

In his free time, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife, Traci, 2 children, and his grandson. He has also mastered the guitar and loves playing. 

The most important thing that Scott likes about Healthy Spaces is the fact that Healthy Spaces wants customer satisfaction to be above all, no matter what it takes. 


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  • By Anthony L.
    Cumming, GA

    Customer Review

    By Anthony L.
    Cumming, GA

Videos from projects I was involved with:

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Case Studies I've worked on:

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Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Crawl Space Mold Growing in Morganfield, KY Crawl Space
    Crawl Space Mold Growing in Morganfield, KY Crawl Space

    Crawl Space Mold Growing in Morganfield, KY Crawl Space

    The crawl space in this Morganfield, KY home was not a place you wanted to be. It was wet and growing mold, giving the area an overall damp feeling. Since crawl spaces are the lowermost points of a home, the "Stack Effect" explains that air flows in your home from bottom to top, meaning that the mold in the crawl space can be easily breathed in by those upstairs, causing a serious problem. Homeowner Ann A. knew that her crawl space wasn't in the best shape, but she had no idea how severe the mold really was until System Design Specialist, Scott Schaum, completed an inspection on it.

    Following the inspection, Scott sat down with Ann and explained the best route to take regarding cleaning up the crawl space and making her home a healthy place to be. He recommended a mold remediation treatment, and she agreed. They got it scheduled and our Mold Remediation crew was there to do the job. Our remediation process includes removing all mold-damaged materials, drying out the basement or crawl space, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. We use safe, effective cleaning products, and all of our technicians are trained and certified in professional mold remediation techniques that won't spread the mold in your home. If mold is taking over your basement or crawl space, click here for a free estimate. 

  • Fort Branch, IN Sump Pump Transformation
    Fort Branch, IN Sump Pump Transformation

    Fort Branch, IN Sump Pump Transformation

    Check out this transformation! Before, these Fort Branch, IN homeowners had an open sump hole which was allowing moisture into their basement. On top of that problem, they were also having problems with their sump pump working correctly, especially during heavy rains and storms

    With the help of System Design Specialist, Scott Schaum, they have an upgraded TripleSafe Sump Pump system to keep their home healthy. With this sump pump, they essentially have three sump pumps in one sump liner. They now also have an airtight sump lid to prevent water from evaporating into the basement and debris from clogging it. It also has a pump alarm to alert you if your sump pump had failed and your basement was in danger of being flooded. A backup battery is included as well. It kicks in if the power goes out, which is perfect for a big storm with heavy rains and other emergencies. 

    If you’ve noticed that your sump pump isn’t living up to your expectations, give us a call or click here!

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