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Basement Wall Finishing in Evansville, IN

This homeowner in Evansville, IN, kept experiencing water in their home every time it would rain. Having to deal with water intrusion in your basement is bad enough - but when the basement is finished, it's much worse! The bottom of the finished walls were damaged and if not taken care of, mold may appear. That's when they decided to give Healthy Spaces a call to solve the problem.

Our System Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, quickly came to evaluate the situation. Aside from waterproofing the basement, he also suggested installed our EverLast Finished Wall Restoration System. When you don't want to rip out your entire finished basement, and have to restore the bottom of your finished walls anyway, EverLast wall panels are the perfect solution!

In order to fix the water problem properly, and protect finished walls in the future, it is necessary to cut the bottom of the finished walls and install a proper drainage system. Then the basement is protected from future water intrusion. But what then? The finished walls need to be restored.

With this method, there is no drywall, paint, or wood to get ruined if it ever gets wet. The panels are cement board, covered with a textured washable vinyl finish, and the trim is all plastic, all installed over metal studs. 

Multiple Basement Upgrades in Evansville, IN

Janice B. knew that her basement needed upgrades. She had been living in this home for numerous years and it needed a refresher. She also had issues with water intruding in her basement and knew that issue needed to be fixed before she spent the money on updating her space. Without further ado, gave Healthy Spaces a call to get her project started!

Not only did Janice B. from Evansville, IN get a new WaterGuard basement waterproofing system installed, she also decided to upgrade her basement walls with our EverLast wall panels. The WaterGuard system was installed around the perimeter of her basement catching any water that intrudes and taking it directly to the sump pump. From here, the water will be taken out through discharge lines. The EverLast wall panels are hard, durable, and won't dent like drywall. Along with that, they will never get moldy, rot, or get ruined by a flood or leak- even if the water is a foot deep for a week! They really brighten up the space with their beige and white color, too.

Janice is thrilled with her decision to get her basement waterproofed and the first step of her Total Basement Finishing journey! 


Basement Window Transformation in Cynthiana, IN

This Cynthiana, IN homeowner wanted to make her basement a liveable area of her home. With one of their children moving home from college, they needed to make the basement bedroom up to code and a safe place to be. The window that was currently in the room wouldn't be easily accessible if a fire occurred, so they gave Healthy Spaces a call.

The solution was a new Egress basement window customized by one of our System Design Specialist to fit the area. The new basement window is a double thermopane Low-E glass insulates the space, while the attractive frame survives for years without rotting or needing paint. From here, the homeowner installed a RockWell Window Well to add beauty to your finished basement while also achieving compliance with local safety codes for emergency escape. Its stylish, all-natural look durable clear cover invites natural sunlight to flow into the basement while also providing an open, comfortable feel.

Basement Water Intrusion in Mortons Gap, KY

Drywall in a basement can pose a serious threat when installed because it's made of organic materials. Concrete is a porous material, so when you have concrete walls, moisture can seep through and on to the drywall. This can cause the drywall to distort and warp, and even worse, can cause mold to grow. 

Our Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, worked with these homeowners in Mortons Gap, KY, to design a system to stop water intrusion in their basement. After installing the waterproofing system, Healthy Spaces installed our Total Basement Finishing products to ensure that their investment will withstand any water damage. 

In the after photo, our team installed EverLast Wall Panels around the foundation, offering a finished look that offers insulation and a clean space. Beautiful trim and crown molding were installed to complete the finished look for these homeowners in Mortons Gap, KY, giving them a properly waterproofed, finished basement!

Basement Refinished in Mortons Gap, KY

The homeowners in Mortons Gap, KY, were tired of dealing with basement flooding everytime it rained. That's when they decided to contact the professional team at Healthy Spaces.

After having a waterproofing system installed by Healthy Spaces, they decided to carry on with Total Basement Finishing products to ensure that their investment will withstand any water damage.  EverLast Wall Panels were installed around the foundation, offering a finished look that offers insulation and a clean space. Beautiful trim and crown molding were installed to complete the finished look for the owners in Mortons Gap, KY's, basement giving them a properly waterproofed, finished basement.

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