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Total Basement Finishing in Fairfield, IL

This Fairfield, IL home had a cold concrete floor that was uncomfortable and just unappealing. The homeowner, Julie D., wanted to have a complete finish look to their basement so all can enjoy it. After having us waterproof her basement to make sure it stayed dry, she opted to have the flooring installed by us as well. 

The solution for this basement was to install ThermalDry basement floor tiles. Unlike ceramic basement floor tiles, ThermalDry basement flooring will never crack or shatter. They are stain-resistant, and their interlocking design assures that damaged tiles can be easily replaced. Another great benefit of this product is that it cannot be damaged by water or humidity. Lastly, there is a thermal break engineered into the ThermalDry tile that allows the floor you walk on to be 8-10 degrees warmer than the concrete below.

This is exactly what the homeowner had wanted and was very impressed with the transformation. Just look at the difference! 

Basement Transformation in Owensboro, KY

A home in Owensboro, KY, wanted to transform its dingy basement into a livable place to stay. The floors and walls of the basement contained mold that needed to be removed before it caused health issues for the homeowner. Mold grows on wet organic materials that reproduce and send off airborne spores and then land on other wet organic surfaces to grow. The basement had a musty smell that was contributed by the spores. The homeowner was excited to see the results! 

Mold remediation was performed to create a healthy environment to live and breathe in. Once the mold was taken care of, it was easy to finish the basement! A SuperSump and WaterGuard system was installed to remove any water that enters the basement that would otherwise create humidity and mold. New paneling was installed to give the basement a "finished" look. EverLast, the new paneling, does not contain drywall; it will not grow or be damaged by water. The homeowner was thrilled to have an amazing, healthy space without worrying about their health

Finished Basement Walls in Lewisport, KY

In Lewisport, KY, a family wanted to transform their dark and cold basement into a welcoming space to have hangouts in the future. The basement had water leakage that needed to be repaired to further furnish the space. The family was ready to keep the ball rolling and have the basement of their dreams!

Once the waterproofing was finished in the basement, such as the WaterGuard system and a sump pump being put in, then it was time to take care of the walls. Basement to Beautiful panels was installed across the walls to insulate the area. It was waterproofed with integrated electrical chases and "warm" studs. Wood studs can rot and grow mold where there is no wood in the Basement to Beautiful panel. The basement to Beautiful panels are not a finished wall and need to have a finished system installed over them. The family was ecstatic to see the transformation and the potentiality of ideas for the space. 

Basement Upgrade in Evansville, IN

In Evansville, Indiana a couple wanted to turn their basement into a bar/hangout spot for friends and family. The only problem was that the basement would leak water and would either be extremely cold in the winter or humid in the summer. The basement walls needed to a drainage system and insulated walls for a welcoming atmosphere. 

The wall system that the couple chose was BrightWall. BrightWall paneling brightens your basement and gives it that clean, semi-finished touch. Before this system is put on, the WaterGuard is installed. The WaterGuard is a drainage system that catches water and directs it toward the sump pump. With the WaterGuard installed, there will be no more water leaks on the floor! Once the waterproofing and finishing of the walls were complete, the family was ready to host parties. 

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