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Work Requests in Princeton

Healthy Spaces is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Princeton. Learn more about Healthy Spaces's recent work requests in Princeton and nearby areas!

Learn more about Healthy Spaces' recent work requests in Princeton, IN
Vicinity of E State St in Princeton
Major crack in porch growing with brick separation on front wall of home.
Vicinity of S First St in Princeton
I have a I'm level floor n the kitchen I need it to b level enough to have sub floor and flooring put in
Vicinity of S Prince St in Princeton
House was built in 1910. Brick and mortar foundation. Most of the mortar has disintegrated allowing one to pull bricks out of the foundation all around the home. I'm not sure if anything can be done to repair this and make the home more stable.
Vicinity of S. Main Street in Princeton
We had a Plumbing Leak in our crawspace of our business, looking to get it cleaned up.
Vicinity of N Embree St in Princeton
Basement is leaking water around perimeter .
Vicinity of S Seminary St in Princeton
We are looking at buying this property and I've been told by a few people that it has mold. With me having 4 small kids I want to be safe and have it checked out
Vicinity of Lake Inwood Drive in Princeton
Horizontal crack midway up concrete block wall visible in garage (under family room of house). Slight bowing of wall.
Vicinity of E. Ohio St. in Princeton
I have what appears to be mold on the interior and exterior of a wall and floor. I need to know if it is mold and what can be done to get rid of it and repair the damage.
Vicinity of S Hart St in Princeton
Bowing front of house
Vicinity of North Main Street in Princeton
I just purchased an old home, and first thing the water pipes are frozen. The crawl space foundation is in need of repair to prevent pipes from freezing.
Vicinity of E. Water in Princeton
Cracked foundation next to abandon block septic and missisg dirt' plus damp crawl space
Vicinity of E. Broadway in Princeton
I need an estimate on house basement.
Vicinity of Zimmerman Drive in Princeton
We would like an inspection and estimate for mold in our home.
Vicinity of in Princeton
We have recently discovered some mold in the crawl space of an addition we had built in 2000. There have been some leaking issues in this area too.
Vicinity of in Princeton
We need a wet crawl space to be dry. Please let us know what you can do, and how much it would cost.
Vicinity of S Hall St in Princeton
Need information ASAP! Thanks!
Vicinity of E. Evans in Princeton
Hello, I have a manufactured home with a block foundation. My crawlspace is always damp and I would like to fix this problem. My crawlspace is difficult to work on because the original owner should have used 1 more level of blocks to make the crawlspace taller. I am looking for a quot on getting rid of the moisture under my home.
Vicinity of N Gibson St in Princeton
I have an old B-DRY system and sump pump in the home I recently purchased, but the crawl space is still dirt and the sump pump has no cover (Smelly!). I'd like the crawl space covered and a cover on the sump pump. Can someone call me with availability and how your pricing works? (I am easiest to catch at work)

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