Basement Window Transformation in Tennyson, IN

This homeowner in Tennyson, IN, knew that the reason the basement was leaking was because of a window. They were rusty, ugly, and open at the top allowing debris, rain, and gutter overflow water to sneak in. The bottom of the window well was dirt which allowed weeds to grow and mud to splash up on the window. The view from his basement was lousy and the maximum amount of natural light wasn't being allowed in. 

Design Specialist, Chris Russel, was sent to help the homeowner come up with a plan to fix the windows.

A SunHouse window well cover was this homeowner's easy solution. This light-colored window well features a clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth while keeping leaves, debris, and rain out. One of the best benefits is that a lot more sunlight bounces into the basement and brightens up the space because of the light-colored bottom.

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