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Healthy Spaces is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Henderson. Learn more about Healthy Spaces's recent work requests in Henderson and nearby areas!

Learn more about Healthy Spaces' recent work requests in Henderson, KY
Vicinity of Melwood Drive in Henderson
Had a water pipe burst.. need estimate to inspect crawl space and install a moister barrier. inspect for mold or house damage. thanks
Vicinity of Morris Dr in Henderson
I am concerned that I have mold in my attic.
Vicinity of Center St in Henderson
Foundation settling in basement. Home is 100+ years old
Vicinity of Old Orchard Lane in Henderson
Structural white mold treated once and dryness of crawl space under house.
Vicinity of in Henderson
Crawl space insulation
Vicinity of Tartan Drive in Henderson
Need duct work sealed and crawl space encapsulated. Just had an energy audit and those actions were recommended. I'm taking bids right now
Vicinity of Chadwick Lane in Henderson
I'd like someone to look under our house to address water accumulation.
Vicinity of in Henderson
Mold and damp crawlspace.
Vicinity of Westfield Lane in Henderson
Concern that foundation has settled, floors sloping and interior walls cracking.
Vicinity of E. Doubletree Dr in Henderson
Would like an estimate on a crawl space encapsulation, and or waterproofing my crawl space
Vicinity of Norris Lane in Henderson
We are currently under contract to purchase this home, but the inspection raised concerns with regard to the water and moisture levels in the crawlspace. We want a firm estimate on keeping the water out, and encapsulating the crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Henderson
Foundation problems and I want to make sure the actic is safe to fix.
Vicinity of Hubbard Lane in Henderson
Wanted to get estimate on mold removal and crawl space repair.
Vicinity of Jamestown Dr in Henderson
I have some water in my crawl space. I smell a musty smell in my master bath every time it rains.
Vicinity of in Henderson
Water in basement, crack walls, house settling
Vicinity of Old Corydon Road in Henderson
Wet crawl space, some sinking, possible sill rotting. Need help
Vicinity of in Henderson
Water stands in our crawlspace.
Vicinity of March Lane in Henderson
Time to replace the insulation and vapor barrier in crawl space at my home. I have used your company in the past for foundation repair. I would like to have someone call me to set up appointment and estimate.
Vicinity of Powell St in Henderson
I have a 768 sq ft single family home and i have a bowing wall problem caused by rotten sill plates. I would like an estimate on repairing the sill plates to correct the foundation problem. I would also like to discuss financing due to a limited budget.
Vicinity of Bellwood Dr in Henderson
Mold in crawlspace
Vicinity of Doubletree Dr in Henderson
We currently are interested in replacining are carpet with wood floors throughout our home 29 year old home. we need to reduce the humidity levels in our home and the crawl space is quite damp.
Vicinity of S Lincoln Ave in Henderson
Their is a sour smell in the house and their was water leaks in the attic.
Vicinity of Donna Drive in Henderson
I need an estimate on mold remediation and some kind of basement drainage system to a sump pump.
Vicinity of Trail Drive in Henderson
Need to get an estimate on leveling house in the crawlspace area. I have a few cracks in the drywall and would like to get the house leveled/jacked up.
Vicinity of in Henderson
I have horzional cracks in the brick wall of my house
Vicinity of in Henderson
We have uneven floors. We also had to do mold remediation earlier this year. The crawl space stays extremely damp
Vicinity of Hancock Street in Henderson
We have a historic home built in 1900, and we have some concerns about bowing, crumbling, and crawlspace. We'd like someone to come out and do an inspection.
Vicinity of Jackson St. in Henderson
I am buying the house in Henderson on 229 Jackson St. This house has a very small opening to get under the crawlspace. I would like to have this space can be examined and a vapor barrier installed and if any repair needs to be made. Can someone check this home to see what the cost would be? Access to crawl space is on the driveway side of house. Gray wooden door at foundation.
Vicinity of Sandefur Dr. in Henderson
Need foundation inspection.
Vicinity of in Henderson
I am trying to find and locate a high quality, reliable sump pump for my sister-in-law's house. We need the pump to have an alarm on it so that she will know if the pump has stopped working for some reason. Please contact me for a free quote on a sump pump to fit her needs. Thanks so much & I look forward to hearing from you soon, Ryan
Vicinity of in Henderson
I'm interested in your free, no-obligation estimate and inspection for basement waterproofing that's "50% cheaper than other methods." I would like to meet you at the home on February 10th at 1:00 p.m. Please call me to confirm the appointment. Thanks!
Vicinity of Smith Ct in Henderson
I am very interested in getting an estimate on work on our crawl space. I believe there is some problem with the ducts (air escapes & either heats or cools under that room instead of in the room). Our blower for our heat pump is under the house & I don't know if we have moisture or mold under there that can get into the system. Please call me asap if this is something you can evaluate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kresge Dr in Henderson
32x22 opening that is not easy to get in
Vicinity of Tartan Drive in Henderson
I am in the process of building a home in Henderson, KY. We are going to have a walk-out basement and my husband and I are wondering if you do "insulated concrete form" basement walls. Please email if you know anything about his process. You have done work for our former neighbors on Cobblestone Drive in Henderson and have heard great things about your company. Please let us know if you can assist us in our building process. Thanks!
Vicinity of Westfield Lane in Henderson
Crawl space frequently floods. Never reached the floor joists to my knowledge.

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