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Before and After Pictures from Madisonville
Foundation Wall Anchor in Madisonville, KY

Foundation Wall Anchor in Madisonville, KY

Before After
Foundation Wall Anchor in Madisonville, KY Foundation Wall Anchor in Madisonville, KY

Many homes in Madisonville, KY are built with block wall foundations.  These foundations show horizontal displacement by stair step cracking.  Horizontal displacement is characterized by bowing, bulging, buckling, and shearing.  The easiest and most effective way to permanently stabilize a bowing wall is to have it professionally anchored.  

The Healthy Spaces foundation repair installation team will pneumatically drill wall anchor rods through the foundation wall at intervals.  The installation team will then dig earth anchor holes in the exterior of the home and the anchor rods will be drilled until they poke through into the holes.  You can see this in the before picture.  

Those anchor rods will be attached to earth anchors and tightened.  Then, the wall anchor face plates on the interior of the foundation walls will be tightened and the anchor rods tightened to stabilize the foundation.  Over time, the wall can be tightened more and straightened.

Sagging Floors in Madisonville, KY

Sagging Floors in Madisonville, KY

Before After
Sagging Floors in Madisonville, KY Sagging Floors in Madisonville, KY

This homeowner in Madisonville, KY became very worried about what was happening in her crawl space after she noticed a soft spot walking across her floor. Not wanting to get in the crawl space herself, she decided to do some research online. After reading all of reviews on Google, she knew she needed to give Healthy Spaces a call to come out and assess her problem.

Our System Design Specialists, Damon Cheatham, quickly came to evaluate her crawl space. He concluded that due to the high humidity in her crawl space, it was causing her supplemental beam and joists to weaken and sag. If left untreated, this can result in sagging, sloping floors, drywall cracks, and door that don't open or close properly.

With a plan set, Joe Parsons and his production team came to the home to start the project.

10 SmartJacks were installed throughout the crawl space. Along with installing a new supplemental beam. The SmartJack system stabilizes crawl space beams and floor joists. It's the ideal solution to lift the floors above the crawl space toward their original elevation and reduce floor "bounce" caused by weakened floor joists. SmartJacks do not replace the existing columns and piers, but add strength and stability to what is there. Galvanized steel columns are cut to length, set on a cast aluminum footing and secured to existing girders or supplemental beams with adjustable brackets. The support beam and floor joists are immediately stabilized and the above floors and walls can be lifted back toward level. 

If you're experiencing symptoms with your floor like this Madisonville homeowner, give Healthy Spaces a call for a free inspection. Regain property value, improve quality of life and restore your peace of mind right away.

Crawl Space Repair in Madisonville, KY

Crawl Space Repair in Madisonville, KY

Before After
Crawl Space Repair in Madisonville, KY Crawl Space Repair in Madisonville, KY

Tim G. from Madisonville called knew there was water in his crawl space but always ignored it. The water especially gathered around the perimeter of the crawl space and was always puddled. Along with the water came mold. Tim knew the air he was breathing wasn't healthy so he decided to give us a call, and we were so glad he did.

Our design specialist Bob Roberts came out to do a free inspection and decided that Tim's crawl space would need mold remediation, a new sump pump, and CleanSpace installed. Our crew first started with remediating all of the mold growing in the crawl space. The SmartSump will be an exit line for the water that gets into the crawl space. The CleanSpace encapsulation product is a 20mm white thick plastic lining that entirely seals off the crawl space from the harsh elements below. It keeps mold and moisture from growing on it as well and especially helps in hot summer months.

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2021 Winner for Best Basement Services Readers' Choice Awards
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Healthy Spaces Earns 2020 Angie's List Super Service Award
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2020 Readers' Choice Awards
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Professional Crawl Space Repair, Foundation Repair, Basement Finishing in Madisonville, Kentucky

A flooded basement can be one of the worst sights for a homeowner to see, especially if you don't know where the source of the water is. With a wet basement comes a host of other issues including mold, mildew and wood rot growth.

Plus, oftentimes water in the basement can be a sign of foundation problems meaning that even if you clean up the mess there is no guarantee your basement won't flood again or grow mold.

The basement experts at Healthy Spaces have a solution for every basement or crawl space flooding issue. As part of the Basement Systems network of dealers across the country, Healthy Spaces is uniquely equipped to dry any crawl space or basement and keep them dry for good.

Don't just take our word for it, contact us today to find out how we can provide complete basement waterproofing and finishing services in your home today!

Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing Contractor in Madisonville, Kentucky

Healthy Spaces has the best wet basement solutions in Greater Evansville of Indiana and Kentucky. We have industry-leading, patented basement drainage systems that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual homes. We offer a variety of basement and crawl space waterproofing solutions including:

  • French drain perimeter drainage systems
  • Sump pumps with battery backups
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Vapor barriers and waterproofing flooring
  • Mold remediation

Quality Foundation Repair in Madisonville, KY

Many homeowners wonder how to best fix the cracks in their foundation walls and floors. If you have bowing or buckling walls you may assume you need a complete foundation replacement, but in reality a foundation can be easily repaired using Basement Systems' patented foundation products.

From minor structural repair to more elaborate foundation repair, let the areas top foundation contractor help you find the best solution to fix your foundation at the best price.

The foundation repair services we offer include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crack repair solutions
  • Structural repair

Professional Mold Removal in Madisonville, Kentucky

A wet basement is an ideal environment for mold and mildew to flourish. Mold can be a huge detriment to your foundation on top of being a health hazard for anyone in your home. Mold can also spread rapidly, so it's vitally important to get professional mold remediation treatment at the first sign of mold in the basement. If you have mold anywhere in your home consider our services including:

  • Basement mold removal
  • Crawl space mold removal
  • Attic mold removal
  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Black mold removal

Complete Your Home with Total Basement Finishing in Madisonville, Kentucky

After you solve your wet basement or foundation problems, consider converting your basement into a completely finished part of your home. Healthy Spaces is here to take care of all your basement finishing needs including:

  • Insulated wall panels
  • Waterproof basement flooring
  • Molding & finishing touches
  • All with a 50-year warranty!

If you require any home waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, or basement finishing services, contact us today for a free, in-home estimate on any service! Don't wait, repair and finish your basement or crawl space with Healthy Spaces today!

Case Studies From Madisonville
In some cases crawl spaces have really bad reputations--they are dirty, dank, and downright disagreeable to enter. These homeowners in Madisonville,...
Madisonville, KY, like most areas in Hopkins County, is generally a temperate and beautiful place to live. Lovely landscaping, humidity, and mild...
Madisonville, KY has experienced a high amount of rain this Spring season. Because of this high rainfall, the average basement has flooded and is in...
Job Stories From Madisonville, KY
Madisonville, KY Homeowner Tired of Creepy Crawlspace

Ms. R of Madisonville, KY had been dealing with intrusive critters all summer. She was tired of having bugs invading her home through her crawlspace. She decided to contact Healthy Spaces to see about encapsulating her dirt crawlspace to control pest intrusion and water intrusion in one go. Ms. R met with Donnie and they discussed her goals and the best products for her needs. She decided to completely isolate her home from the dirt soil by utilizing CleanSpace Engineered film to encapsulate her crawlspace. CleanSpace is a rugged system guaranteed for 25 years against rips or tears. It keeps water and critters out of crawlspaces and allows HVAC systems to function better by essentially allowing the crawlspace to become conditioned space.

Ms. R said, "Thank you so very much for the photos and update of completion! You all did a great job, I am so sorry for what a messy job I know that was."

Work Requests From Madisonville, KY
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
We are selling our home and the buyer has requested that we have fungal remediation done in our Crawlspace. We had a professional come out and view it but are trying to shop around for the best price. Our home is a total of 1272 square feet.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
A stray cat was living under house and urine smell is awful. It torn plastic too. It was coming in through an vent cover that was missing.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Basement drain is backing up and flooding when there is heavy rain and concerns about the well and pump.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Mold inspection estimate for mold removal in basement
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Floors dropped
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
We live in a tri-level home. The yard is on an incline and when it rains the basement/third level of the home continues to flood even though we use a sump pump and there is a drain located under the carport. We do have steps that connect the car port to the back patio and that seems to be an area of concern when it rains. We did have a flooding issue last night (7/9) during the severe storms.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Looking to address a Bowing basement wall and to finish out that wall.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
I have had small amounts of mold showing up in my house for about a year. I thought I had fixed the problem causing it, but it just keeps coming back.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Comment: Source BrandBlaster Facebook Service Crawl Space Repair
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
We have cracking around our interior doors, foundation settling and truss rise in the ceiling. No mold or mildew in the crawl space. I need an estimate/opinion on what needs done to stop the cracking and keep the house from bowing more.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Our finished basement leaks in a few different areas, and as we try and sell the house, we'd like this repaired with some sort of transferable guarantee to the new owners.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
2 brick foundation walls are buckling/being pushed inwards down in cellar. Would like estimate for repair/stabilization.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Crawl space needs inspected for mold and would like quote on removal of insulation, vapor barrier and replace with new. not sure of square footage, I can measure if needed. not real large. thanks Paul
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Wet crawl space
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Needing to get my basement waterproofed! It's an unfinished basement and wanting to get it finished but it floods so looking for estimates to get it done!
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Slight seepage.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Crawl Space encapsulation
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Would like a quote on insulating my crawlspace and repairing my perimeter drain, as well as any other waterproofing needs.
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
Water in crawl space!
Project Location: Madisonville, KY
We have our house for sale and would like to know what issues may need to be repaired. We have noticed an old pump in our crawlspace that seems to have a pipe disconnected and leaking. Some moisture. Afraid water may come under the house when it rains.

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