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Addressing the Haubstadt, IN Basement's Water Issues

Addressing the Haubstadt, IN Basement's Water Issues

Before After
Addressing the Haubstadt, IN Basement's Water Issues Addressing the Haubstadt, IN Basement's Water Issues

During the last year, homeowners in Haubstadt, IN, began having major issues in their basement. It flooded a few times, their existing sump pump overflowed, and the discharge line froze. They wanted to address these issues right away and prevent them from happening again.

Healthy Spaces replaced the failing sump pump with the TripleSafe System with a WaterWatch Alarm and a Battery Back-up. If the primary pump fails for any reason, such as a power outage, the battery back-up system automatically turns on.

The exterior discharge line was also replaced by the IceGuard Sump Pump Discharge Line System, which allows water to escape from a sump pump discharge line it the pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason.

These products will keep the homeowners' basement dry all the time!

Crawl Space Access Well in Haubstadt, IN

Crawl Space Access Well in Haubstadt, IN

Before After
Crawl Space Access Well in Haubstadt, IN Crawl Space Access Well in Haubstadt, IN

Crawl space access wells are typically ugly, unsightly pits. More often than not, they're made out of concrete, wood, or even metal. Over time, these wells will begin to fill with leaves, plants, and debris. The metal will rust, wood will rot, and when it rains or snows, they'll fill with water, causing the crawl space to flood. 

For this homeowner in Haubstadt, IN, they asked Healthy Spaces to replace their old crawl space access well, with The Turtl. The Turtl is a plastic crawl space entrance that provides an airtight cover, serving as an access well AND door combined!

Permanent Foundation Solution in Haubstadt, IN

Permanent Foundation Solution in Haubstadt, IN

Before After
Permanent Foundation Solution in Haubstadt, IN Permanent Foundation Solution in Haubstadt, IN

Randy M, a homeowner in Haubstadt, IN was experiencing signs of foundation issues in his basement. With the stair-step cracking getting worse in his block walls, he knew he had to do something. As you can see in the before photos, Randy created a temporary "DIY" fix to his problem. While it may have worked for a short amount of time, he still saw the cracks progressing to become more defined and knew it was time to call in professional help. 

Design Specialist, Chris Russell, completed a thorough inspection of Randy's basement and listened to his concerns. Chris recommended the PowerBraces be installed in the basement. Why is the PowerBrace system the best solution for the problems that occurred? One of the main reasons is that it allows for potential straightening over time. That means it can actually improve the condition of the wall over time, unlike other I-Beam systems. The zinc coating makes the entire system resistant to corrosion, reduces abrasion and wear, and creates a non-toxic surface. 

Randy's home's foundation is now strong and he doesn't have to worry about the problem getting worse. During his yearly renewals, our service technician is able to tighten these beams for him, maximizing the tightness and stability. 

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2023 Readers' Choice Awards
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Healthy Spaces  Earns #45 Dealer from Contractor Nation 2022-2023
Contractor Nation, also known as Basement Systems, tracks dealer performance and awards outstanding performances in a variety of categories. For... [Read more]
2021 Winner for Best Basement Services Readers' Choice Awards
THANK YOU to our friends in the community who voted for Healthy Spaces in the 2021 Courier & Press Readers’... [Read more]
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Professional Foundation Repair, Waterproofing & Mold Removal in Haubstadt, Indiana

Water in a basement or crawl space usually comes with a host of other issues such as foundation problems and mold growth. When a home's below grade space has issues, Healthy Spaces is your all in one company for all basement waterproofing and foundation needs. We provide complete basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, and mold remediation services in Haubstadt and nearby, and we can tailor the right solution for your home!

If your home has issues with water, mold, or structural problems count on Healthy Spaces to provide proven solutions with long-lasting, quality waterproofing products. Contact us today for a free basement estimate in Haubstadt and nearby areas of Indiana and Kentucky.

Crawl Space and Basement Waterproofing in Haubstadt, IN

A wet basement or crawl space and mold growth go hand in hand. Let the waterproofing experts at Healthy Spaces come and give you proven solutions to dry your below-grade space and keep it dry for good. The only way to prevent further flooding issues is to address all areas where water is entering your space. Some of our solutions include:

  • French drain & perimeter drainage systems
  • Sump pumps with battery backups
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Vapor barriers and waterproofing flooring

As well as dealing with the leak, Healthy Spaces also deals with the mold that comes with it. On top of being a hazard for the stability of your structure, mold spores are also a health risk for anyone in your home. And because mold spreads rapidly to other areas of your home, professional mold mitigation is usually mandatory to eradicate mold from your home for good. Our mold removal services in Haubstadt, IN include:

  • Basement mold removal
  • Crawl space mold removal
  • Attic mold removal
  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Black mold removal

Quality Foundation Repair in Haubstadt, Indiana

Foundation settlement is a problem at effects many Indiana and Kentucky homeowners. When a foundation settles it often causes signs of foundation damage including cracks in the foundation walls and floors, as well as buckling or bowing basement walls. To meet the demand of homes with foundation repair needs, Healthy Spaces offers a variety of proven foundation repair solutions that will keep your house level for good. Some of our services include:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crack repair solutions
  • Structural repair

If you think your home is in need of basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, foundation repair, or mold removal, one call to Healthy Spaces and we can provide solutions for all those issues! Call us to schedule your free, in-home consultation today!

Case Studies From Haubstadt
Homeowners Paul and Stephanie in Haubstadt, IN, were noticing cracks on their outside foundation wall. At the time the cracks started off rather...
Kathie was having issues with his sump pump. During large rainfalls, his system would overwork itself and become back up, leaving his basement...
These Haudstadt, IN homeowners had noticed that their home felt "off" for a while. The floor felt slanted and there were cracks in the plaster...
Work Requests From Haubstadt, IN
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Walls in basement have stair stepping and I do get a little bit of water in with heavy rains. I would like an estimate on foundation repair and waterproofing basement.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
We have water in our basement.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
I would like to have my crawl space quoted for new plastic and potentially a sump pump as well.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Interested in a consult/quote to discuss waterproofing basement options.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Check mold in home
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Partial basement. Crawl space about 4ft tall both sides. Water has been coming in partial basement at what seems where wall and floor meet.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Hello, my husband and I are looking to get a free quote on how to waterproof our basement. It is leaking water from one area in the middle of our basement. We have tried using hydrolic quick stop cement to the crack in the floor and havent had any luck. If you could give us an email or call back it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Need my crawl space inspected and discuss what needs to be done.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Leaking basement walls and mold
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Wanting to have crawl space looked and see if beneficial to insulate
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
We have a split level home and one of the basement bedrooms has a leak when it rains a lot need to know what we need to do to fix it
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
I am looking for a dehumidifier for my basement
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Foundation cracks due to house settling.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
There seems to be standing water in the front part of our house's crawl space and possibly evidence where it has run down toward the back of the house crawl space area.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Water in crawlspace, mold causing breathing issues.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Basement leaking on wall under front door after heavy rains. Thank you.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
I've tried to seal and waterproof my basement using Dry-lock and hydraulic cement. I was somewhat successful but during the most recent heavy rain water has come through the concrete floors. We don't want to finish the basement completely but simply waterproof it to prevent further water from entering the basement.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
I have water in my crawl space.
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Wanting to install a drop ceiling in our basement,
Project Location: Haubstadt, IN
Waterproof crawl space

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