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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Foundation Problems in Haubstadt, IN

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 by Haley Tepool


Jacob contacted us with a steadily progressing problem in his basement. Since he bought the house a few years back, the walls had developed cracks, which had slowly developed leaks. As the cracks leaked and widened, the walls began to bow. By the time he called us, there was regular leaking and puddling of water in the basement. It was clear they had tried to patch the leaks on their own before, with expanding foam insulation peeking out from the cracks, but such repairs are extremely temporary.

He decided to turn his problem over to the experts because he was tired of dealing with the issues. 


Our System Design Specialist, Mike McAtee, designed a customized solution to Jacob's needs. 14 GeoLocks and a few PowerBraces were apart of the plan to stabilize the wall.

Geo-Lock anchors are used to support bowing walls by connecting two steel plates together with a steel rod. This works by installing one plate deep in the soil away from the wall and one directly against the bowing wall. Once the two plates are in place, along galvanized steel rod connects them. The rod is strong enough to stop the wall from further bowing, and it can even be tightened over time to correct the problem entirely.

The steel I-Beam construction of the PowerBrace system not only stabilizes bowing walls but by tightening the braces it allows for straightening the walls over time. PowerBraces are also rust-resistant and have a relatively low profile for minimal disturbance of your basement space.

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