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Before and After Pictures from Vincennes
Vincennes, IN Crawlspace Access Covers

Vincennes, IN Crawlspace Access Covers

Before After
Vincennes, IN Crawlspace Access Covers Vincennes, IN Crawlspace Access Covers

So often, crawlspace access areas are left open, or covered with a sheet of plywood. These inadequate sorts of covers allow in moisture, insects, mold spores, etc. A vented crawlspace is a recipe for disaster in that regard.

In the pictures, you can see the old crawlspace access as the crew begins to install an EverLast Crawlspace Door by Basement Systems. EverLast Doors are made from 1/2 inch thick plastic. This way, the EverLast door will never shrink, warp, crack or rot like a wood door can. This durable, airtight door is a necessary component to any CleanSpace installation to make the crawlspace truly encapsulated and air-tight. This way, you have an energy efficient, aesthetically pleasing crawlspace entrance.

The EverLast door is completely maintenance-free because it will never warp, need painting, or rot. It is also easy to open when access is required.

Flooded Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

Flooded Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

Before After
Flooded Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN Flooded Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

A big rainstorm in Vincennes, IN, left one family's crawl space flooded. The family explained that they have needed to treat their crawl space for a while now, but had not gotten around to it. Once the rainstorm had ended, one of the family members happened to inspect the crawl space to see if it survived the storm, only to find the space covered in water. On the ceiling of the crawl, the wood beams had mold spores spreading due to the humidity and moisture present. We needed to inspect the crawl and find the best solution so that the family will have peace of mind about. 

All mold spores were scrubbed and sprayed away through mold remediation. To prevent moisture from escaping into the crawl again, all openings are tightly closed. A SmartSump pump was installed to pump away any water that would enter by the crawl's soiled ground. A drainage matting is laid throughout the crawl to protect the ground and react the flow of the water towards the sump pump. It also adds extra protection for the CleanSpace that is put on top of the drainage matting. CleanSpace creates an "indoor" environment that makes it safe t store belongings in. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier is hooked up to create a dry airflow throughout the space. 

Moisture Spots in the Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

Moisture Spots in the Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

Before After
Moisture Spots in the Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN Moisture Spots in the Crawl Space in Vincennes, IN

To improve the future health of the crawl space in Vincennes, IN, a homeowner wanted to have the crawl space inspected. A concern from the homeowner was the lack of dry airflow and moisture spots appearing in parts of the crawl space. Air, including humid air, moves easily in and out of spaces, in addition, air brings its moisture content with it wherever it goes. If a crawl space is left uninspected with open spaces, then water, critters or insects, mold, and even unwelcomed guests could inhibit the area beneath your home! The homeowner was determined to make sure the crawl space was closed off to any outside pests.

What is the best solution to protect the entire crawl space from outside air? CleanSpace! CleanSpace is a bright white pool-like liner that is installed on the floor and walls to seal any openings in the crawl space. A SaniDry Sedona was also placed into the crawl space. The Sanidry Sedona is an anti-mold solution because this dehumidifier takes up to 100 pints of water per day out of the crawl space while using the same energy as a 40-pint dehumidifier. They took the future health of this crawl space into action and will further save money.


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2023 Readers' Choice Awards
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Healthy Spaces  Earns #45 Dealer from Contractor Nation 2022-2023
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2021 Winner for Best Basement Services Readers' Choice Awards
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Quality Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Vincennes, IN

Not many companies will take this kind of time knowing that most likely they will not be making any money...
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Your Trusted Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Space  Company in Vincennes, IN

Discovering a wet basement or crawl space can be a devastating feeling. Even more troubling if the cause of the water is some form of foundation problem. Now you have water damage such as mold growth, wood rot, and damage to personal items, all caused by a potential problem with your foundation.

Rather than getting three separate contractors to tackle the issues, let the experts at Healthy Spaces come and provide all-in-one basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and even total basement finishing for your home in Vincennes, Indiana and nearby.

If you have a leak in your basement, mold or mildew growth, indoor air quality issues, structural problems, or any other "basementy" problem, give Healthy Spaces a call today to see how we can ease the stress of basement repair with a free, in-home consultation.

Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Vincennes, Indiana

Water in the basement can be a sign of a variety of other issues including structural issues, mold growth, and overall property damage. Rather than deal with one issue at a time, let the waterproofing experts at Healthy Spaces solve all your basement problems.

As part of the Basement Systems dealer network, we have access to industry-leading patented products, technician training on the latest practices, as well as proven solutions to eliminate water issues from your basement or crawl space for good.

Our home waterproofing services include:

  • French drain & perimeter drainage systems
  • Sump pumps with battery backups
  • Energy efficient dehumidifiers
  • Vapor barriers and waterproofing flooring
  • Air purifiers for healthier, more comfortable living spaces
  • And more!

Quality Foundation Repair in Vincennes, IN

Cracks in your foundation walls or floors can be alarming signs of damage to your structure. Even further, there are much more subtle signs of foundation settlement such as stair-stepping cracks in brick walls, cracks from windows or door frames, or even just moisture in your basement that can be a sign of minor foundation damage. Don't wait until minor damage turns into major foundation failure.

Healthy Spaces offers a variety of foundation repair services in Vincennes, IN including:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crack repair solutions

Professional Mold Removal in Vincennes, IN

Don't let mold or mildew zones go unchecked. Even small patches of mold in your basement can be signs of a bigger overall moisture problem. Mold spreads rapidly and often the only way to get rid of it completely is with professional mold remediation treatment from a trusted mold specialist. At Healthy Spaces we provide complete mold services such as:

  • Basement mold removal
  • Crawl space mold removal
  • Attic mold removal
  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Black mold removal

Complete Your Home Today with Total Basement Finishing in Vincennes, Indiana

If you're looking for a way to upgrade or expand your home, look no further than your basement! Sometimes a basement can be up to 50% of your home's total square footage. Why not take advantage of that with a Total Basement Finishing from Healthy Spaces. We provide a completely waterproof, mold-proof basement system that can bring you from basement to beautiful!

Some of the complete basement finishing services we offer are:

  • Insulated wall panels
  • Waterproof basement flooring
  • Molding & finishing touches
  • 50-year warranty

If your home is in need of any waterproofing, mold removal, foundation repair or a combination of any of these for a total basement finish, contact Healthy Spaces today for a free, in-home estimate!

Case Studies From Vincennes
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Healthy Spaces has earned the service industry's coveted Angie's List Super Service Award, reflectin...
Healthy Spaces has earned the service industry's coveted Angie's List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the local services marketplace and consumer review site in 2014. This Award reflects company's consistently high level of customer service... [Read more]
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Work Requests From Vincennes, IN
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
All wooden floors needing insulation in crawl space and attic , walls .
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
I have water that gets into my basement and I want to have it fully sealed. House was built in early 1900's and the upstairs was recently remodeled.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
I recently purchased a new house, and the humidity on the first floor is a bit high (thermostat says it's usually above 60%). I believe it's coming from my crawlspace. It seems a bit damp down there, and the entrance panel needs to be replaced. I was wondering if you could inspect it and give a quote on any work you think should be done to prevent any moisture or bugs. Thanks!
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
We have some water seepage in the basement that we'd like to get taken care of and also want to explore finishing the basement to make the space more functional.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
The lower level of my house has a garage on one side and a finished room on the other. For years water can seep into the garage portion during heavy rains and saturated ground. But the finished room stayed dry. With the recent rains, I noticed the carpet along the wall to be a little damp but the room smells musty/damp. I am interested in options to waterproof and get an estimate.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Crawl space encapsulation quote needed.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Property has numerous foundation/crawl space/basement issues. Need licensed contractor to assess and provide estimate.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Wet damp crawlspace
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Need 6 new basement windows
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Every heavy rain results in a wet basement, always in the same spot towards the stairs that is in front of the foundation wall.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Water in basement
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
I am getting water in part of my crawl space when it rains.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
My wife and I are looking to purchase a house at 116 Alexander Dr. in Vincennes Indiana. We got our home inspection back today and we've found there are a few issues in the crawlspaces of the home. I can send the entire inspection report if it makes it easier but here's the following concerns: 1. Grading around the foundation walls appearing to allow moisture from surface drainage to settle at foundation walls and possibly entering crawlspace. 2. Vent pipe in the crawlspace that is disconnected. Not sure where it goes. 3. A floor joist noted with moisture damage in the new addition crawlspace 4. Crawlspace vents are closed off / restricted and surface water is running into crawlspace. No vent wells installed? 5. Vapor barrier missing from additional crawlspace 6. Sump pump not in a proper pit and likely not performing properly. Flex line drains to the exterior. 7. Due to moisture in crawlspace there appears to be possible mold/mildew on some wood members. 8. Section of foundation block appears to be missing mortar (could be on other side) potentially has a crack due to pressure from soil on other side. I can send the report which includes photos of the mentioned issues. I'd like to just get a quote or estimate of the total cost to remedy all these issues.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Basement leaks and has a lot of moisture.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
I am looking to purchase a home and the inspection report noted: "The crawlspace showed a few areas of moisture and could benefit from some water proofing to extend the life of the building materials." I just wanted to get an idea is what it would typically cost to waterproof the crawl space, we intend to live in this home for about 7 years and then move, so I don't want to deal with more developed issues when we go to sell. The house is approximately 2,000 sq ft and I can provide photos of the crawl space from the inspection if that is helpful. Thanks!
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Foundation repair
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
After heavy rains, some water gets into the outer edges of our crawl. We are looking to possibly have sump pump/drainage installed along with other measures for moisture/mold prevention.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
I am wanting 1-2 egress windows put in our basement.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
We have a wall in our basement that seems to be leaking. We need to seal it and have some drainage put in.
Project Location: Vincennes, IN
Damp basement. Noticeable wet bricks on outside of house.

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