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Before and After Pictures from Huntingburg
Water Intrusion in Basement in Huntingburg, IN

Water Intrusion in Basement in Huntingburg, IN

Before After
Water Intrusion in Basement in Huntingburg, IN Water Intrusion in Basement in Huntingburg, IN

This Huntingburg, IN basement had an older sump pump that wasn't able to keep up with water when it rained heavy. Homeowner Ruth, feared the worst for items in her basement every time the forecast called for rain. After too many sleepless nights Ruth's neighbor refered her to Healthy Spaces.

Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, after doing a thorough inspection of her basement worked with Ruth to design a system that worked best for her. Crew leads Shawn Brown and Robbie Stoutenberg, installed our WaterGuard along with our TripleSafe sump pump system. WaterGuard is a piping system engineered specifically to solve basement water problems effectively without worry of clogging from soils under the floor. The TripleSafe drains water from the WaterGuard and from below the basement floor it discharges it out of the basement. Included with the TripleSafe are two reliable cast iron Zoeller pumps and a battery back-up pump. Installing WaterGuard with our TripleSafe sump pump system will keep Ruth's basement clean and dry for many years to come giving her peace of mind when the forecast calls for rain.

Damp Basement Walls in Huntingburg, IN

Damp Basement Walls in Huntingburg, IN

Before After
Damp Basement Walls in Huntingburg, IN Damp Basement Walls in Huntingburg, IN

Cold air and moisture were preventing this Huntingburg basement from having walls that they loved. After homeowner Ruth, had her basement waterproofed with our WaterGuard drainage system and a new TripleSafe sump pump, she could then think about upgrading her basement walls. 

Our System Design Specialist Bob Roberts came to Ruth's home to evaluate her basement walls. They found basement dandruff which consists of paint and wall coatings that flake off over time. What caused this was her basement walls allowing water vapor to pass through them. Block walls have a hollow core which allow cold (and damp) water to pass through them easily. 

Crew leads, Shawn Brown and Robbie Stoutenberg, installed our CleanSpace Wall System in Ruth's home. CleanSpace is a heavy, durable plastic liner for lining stone wall basements. The CleanSpace wall system stops water vapor from permeating walls and drains wall leaks, and brightens up your basement. With anti-microbial protection called UltraFresh built right in, no mold or mildew will grow on the CleanSpace! This Huntingburg homeowner will never have to worry about her walls chipping, peeling, or flaking away thanks to Healthy Spaces installing our CleanSpace vapor barrier.

Mold Removal in Crawl Space Huntingburg, IN

Mold Removal in Crawl Space Huntingburg, IN

Before After
Mold Removal in Crawl Space Huntingburg, IN Mold Removal in Crawl Space Huntingburg, IN

Our client in Huntingburg, IN was in the process of purchasing a new home that got flagged on the inspection report for issues in the crawl space such as the insulation was falling, moisture, and there was mold on the floor joists. 

Let's first talk about the fiberglass insulation between the joists in the crawl space and the problems it can cause. The ground is constantly breathing. It takes in water during rain and evaporates back up into the atmosphere. This is the reason we install a vapor barrier under homes in order to keep the moisture down. However, without a vapor barrier, this condensation then moves up through the dirt floor and into the crawl space. The exposed insulation over time will soak up the moisture, eventually causing it to sag. And the whole point of installing insulation under the floor is to prevent cold air from the crawl space from entering the home. So once the insulation begins to sag, it causes an air break, allowing that cold outside air a direct path up through the floorboards, making the insulation useless. The gaps also allow the moisture to reach organic materials such as the wood subfloor, creating a perfect environment for mold to grow. 

Now let's talk about what our team did to restore peace of mind for our clients by creating a healthier environment for their new home! Sean and his team first needed to remove all the insulation from the crawl space. Next, our team remediated all of the molds and installed a new vapor barrier, along with sealing up the crawl space vents. By installing a new vapor barrier and sealing the crawl space vents, our client now has a crawl space that's safe, clean, and healthy!



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Huntingburg, IN Detailed Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair

I am very happy with what they did and would use them again if I need there other services....
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The crew for Healthy Spaces did a great job.
Testimonial by Candace T. from Huntingburgh, IN
Wow!! Hard workers, dedicated,kind, professional, and really listen to any concerns. You guys are great!! God Bless you all.
Testimonial by Steve & Tami B. from Huntingburg, IN

Quality Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Huntingburg, IN

Water in the basement or crawl space, foundation problems, and mold growth are major concerns for any homeowner. If you're concerned about your home's below-grade spaces, Healthy Spaces are the local experts you need. We provide complete basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, mold remediation, and basement finishing services in Huntingburg and nearby, and we can help you get the right solution for your home!

If you have issues with water, mold, or structural problems, you can count on us for proven solutions and reliable, long-lasting products. We have years of experience creating dry, clean, and healthy homes, and we can help solve your problems too! Contact us today to get started with a free estimate in Huntingburg or nearby.

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation Experts

Water in the basement or crawl space can create a wide range of issues, including structural problems, mold growth, and property damage. As part of the international Basement Systems network, we have patented, proven solutions that will eliminate water issues in your basement and provide reliable crawl space repair solutions. Our solutions include:

Restore Your Home with Quality Foundation Repair

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls or floors or bowing, buckling walls. If so, Healthy Spaces' foundation repair experts can help you restore your home and ensure a safe, stable foundation. We offer a complete range of foundation repair solutions, including:

  • Foundation pier systems
  • Wall reinforcing systems
  • Wall anchors
  • Crawl space support posts
  • Crack repair solutions

Protect Your Home With Professional Mold Remediation & Removal

Mold can cause a huge amount of damage to a home in addition to posing a significant health risk to the home's inhabitants. Mold growth spreads rapidly, which is why it's essential to get a professional mold remediation treatment as soon as possible. We provide complete mold services for all of the following:

  • Basement mold removal
  • Crawl space mold removal
  • Attic mold removal
  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Black mold removal

Upgrade Your Home with Total Basement Finishing

Are you looking to create a new living space in your home? Finishing your basement is the ideal way to maximize your home's square footage and create a beautiful new space in your home. At Healthy Spaces, we use the Total Basement Finishing to upgrade basements with our completely waterproof, mold-proof system. The Total Basement Finishing system includes:

  • Insulated wall panels
  • Waterproof basement flooring
  • Molding & finishing touches
  • 50-year warranty

If you're interested in any of our basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, mold removal, or basement finishing services, Healthy Spaces is here to help! Contact us today to get started with a free estimate in Huntingburg and nearby.

Case Studies From Huntingburg
There are always challenges when assessing a home that has mold problems--what will be done with the home’s contents, whether or not the...
Job Stories From Huntingburg, IN
Huntingburg Family Gets Crawlspace Dry and Secure for Storage

The homeowners of this Huntingburg, IN crawlspace were plagued with crawlspace problems--a nasty entry that was drafty and unsecured, a flooding dirt floor with weeping crawlspace walls, a mold problem, and more!

The Healthy Spaces installation team installed 1320 sq ft of CleanSpace over a full perimeter EZ Flow drainage system, complete with SuperSump sump pump.  They installed a durable discharge line with IceGuard protection, and a Turtl crawlspace door.

The crawlspace is now dry and ready for storage and the Turtl crawlspace door can be secured to keep the items inside safe!

Huntingburg Family Gets Crawlspace Dry and Secure for Storage - Photo 1
Work Requests From Huntingburg, IN
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
I want to finish my basement so I need it to by waterproofing but I don't want to pay more them $8,000 wall look good so if you guy's make it for less them $8000 can and get me a estimate
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
We had mold removal back in 2014 from a company when we first bought our house. We redid our walls, and painted them with the concrete/protecting paint. I noticed over the last couple of months we had some mold coming back, but today I noticed in our cellar there is a lot of mold. We constantly have a dehumidifier going, but I guess that's not helping!
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
I have water issues in my crawlspace and supports that are not set in concrete. The shifting is causing wall cracks in the house.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
My basement is leaking water I need to fix it
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
My home foundation needs to be repair
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Cracks in foundation.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
I recently had an initial inspection on our current home and was hoping to correct some of the defects found in the crawl space to include insulating of the space and identifying a discoloration of floor joist in an area of the crawl space.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
My foundation has shifted due to a lot of wet weather and clogged gutters. On the inside of my house the foundation blocks on the bottom of wall are breaking loose.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Leak in basement
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
We think we need foundation repair based on straight crack in brick and cracks in drywall.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
I have a partial basement has a sump pump and small dehumidifier, but is always wet. Water does not flood basement. Would like it to be dry.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
We need a quote on a sump pump
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
In 2010 our basement flooded. We stripped everything and had the B-Dry system installed. It is not working very well regarding the humidity level. We have discussed repairing the weeping tile system or having another system installed outside to keep the water from entering the house rather than bringing the water in and then pumping it out. we are looking for ideas and estimates to correct this issue.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Water in basement.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Have a problem on one wall in the basement. Need someone to inspect/correct the problem. Thx.
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Mold issues in basement We also have mold issues in a couple of areas on main level in the ceiling
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Need to talk about waterproofing basement of 36 year old home. Hoping for a solution inside rather than outside. We are "in the country" near St Anthony, 1hour drive from Lloyd Expressway. Looking forward to your call or email. Thanks, Fred
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
Project Location: Huntingburg, IN
We have our house listed for sale. It is a 1942 stone home. Our basement has a groove to catch water coming in through cracks along the bottom of the wall. We don't know if a sump pump would solve the problem but we would like to see what your advice would be. This has been the only complaint from people viewing our home.

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