Healthy Spaces Case Studies: Fixing a Wet Basement Permenantly in Hawesville KY

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 by Cassi Sherman Henes


The homeowners in Hawesville, KY are no strangers to basement flooding issues as are most homeowners in Hancock county.  Basements tend to be damp, or downright wet most of the time.  The biggest challenge to installing a quality waterproofing system in this area is twofold: the basement is usually actively flooding while you install and there is a lot of mature landscaping around the home which can be contributing to the flooding issues. 

In this situation, the homeowners had already dealt with grading issues on the outside of the home, removed bushes and vegetation that was too close to the foundation walls, and extended downspouts to prevent basement flooding.  The basement was still leaking.  When the Healthy Spaces team arrived, they discovered that the block walls were holding water inside them and that was slowly leaking out--regardless of the actual weather conditions outside!


The installation team installed 112 linear feet of Waterguard, 15 feet of discharge line, a SuperSump sump pump system with battery back up, and Brightwall wall panels.  The Waterguard system has two features that will make it a perfect fit for these conditions: 1. It can capture basement water intrusion without getting clogged, and 2. It has a special flange to capture wall moisture as well!  When coupled with Brightwall, the basement will be effectively and permenantly sealed off from water concerns.  Brightwall is a durable, mold resistent material that will help direct wall moisture into the Waterguard system without exposing that leakage to the inside basement air.  This reduces relative humidity and the risk of mold growth in the basement.


Project Summary

Project Manager: Damon Cheatham

Project Foreman: Steven Joseph, Jr.

Customer Service Representative: Tonuya Roy

Owner: Tim Runyon

About the author
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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