Evansville Crawlspace Leads to HVAC breakdown

It’s about 6am in Evansville and already 73 degrees.  I’m sitting on my screened in porch trying to figure out how my son and I are going to survive the day.  It was 90 degrees yesterday when our central air broken down and we had to call for emergency service.  My son ended up with heat rash and it has been a horrible night for the whole family.  I’m hoping that today, we can get the air conditioner fixed and make the house livable again.  The HVAC service tech told me that the reason our system broke down so soon was because it’s working overtime trying to cool my house.  Why?  Because our house is built on a vented dirt crawlspace

According to the basics of air pressure, unconditioned air from outside is being pulled into our crawlspace and up into the house.  The HVAC system has to constantly be on to cool and dehumidify the outside air.  It’s been hard on the system and now it’s broken.

Crawlspace CleanSpace and Silverglo installation

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to encapsulate our crawlspace and isolate our home from the dirt and outside air.  I’ve been working for Healthy Spaces for a while now and we’ve slowly, but surely been making improvements to our homes—rentals, ones that we’ve flipped, etc.  This particular home is just begging to have CleanSpace installed.

In fact, Damon Cheatham recommended have SilverGlo insulation installed along the foundation walls of the crawlspace under the CleanSpace in order to provide further energy savings.  The SilverGlo will insulate and the CleanSpace will isolate the crawlspace.  It’s the perfect solution to this type of problem!  Once the CleanSpace has sealed off the crawlspace from outside air, our HVAC system will not have to constantly be working to cool the outside air, it will be able to work less intensely to cool the recirculating air in the house.  Our crawlspace will become a conditioned space, instead of a constant source of outside air. 

In addition, the HVAC service tech said that by encapsulating the crawlspace, we should notice that our filters are cleaner, which will also reduce the strain on our air conditioner!  If you’re experiencing soaring energy bills, dirty air filters, and increased service needs for your HVAC system, consider that your crawlspace might be the culprit and call Healthy Spaces today for help!

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Cassi Sherman Henes
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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