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Fort Knox, KY Basement and Crawlspace FollowUps

Friday, June 5th, 2015 by Cassi Sherman Henes

Fort Knox, KY has been through a lot in the past year--foundation settling was rampant, flooding basements and moldy crawlspaces were frequent. Most of Bullitt, Hardin, and Meade counties.have been similarly impacted. Damon Cheatham, Design Specialist for Healthy Spaces, has been out and about in Fort Knox following up with his previous clients to make sure their systems are functioning properly. Here are some follow ups from Damon's past year.

December 2014: Foundation Settlement Remedied in Fort Knox Home

Mike T. of Fort Knox, KY noticed that his front door was not opening and closing properly. Once the door was forcefully shut, it would be very hard to open again. He noticed cracks coming off the corners of the door frame and upon inspecting the exterior of the home, he discovered a stair step crack in the brick. Damon came out and determined that the crack extended all the way down through the block foundation wall of Mike's home. After discussing the problem, they decided to permanently repair the problem with deep foundation piers from Foundation Supportworks. The best solution for Mike's home, given soil conditions, and the condition of the home itself, was to have push piers installed to regain the lost elevation.

When the push pier system was installed, the home regained most of its lost elevation. Mike has since completed cosmetic repairs and been living comfortably in the home. "It's level. Just level. I can use my front door and the floors aren't slanted anymore. It's rock solid".

October 2014: Flooding Crawlspace Transformed into a CleanSpace

CleanSpace installation with Silverglo insulationFloyd had lived in his Fort Knox home for 11 years and loves the area. He's a big fan of his neighborhood, the features of his home, and his proximity to work. Spring was flooding season, bringing standing water and mud into his crawlspace. Summer was mold season, which he faithfully remediated each year. Fall was usually spider time where he'd notice critters coming in there for warmth and then venturing up into his home. Winter was freezing season, where his floors became icy cold and his furnance kicked on frequently. In the Summer of 2014, Floyd decided to use Healthy Spaces as his mold remediator and in October 2014, Floyd said, "I decided to give myself an early Christmas present and get the SilverGlo insulation, CleanSpace, and Turtl crawlspace door installed. I noticed right away that my whole house felt better--warmer--and my furnace didn't kick on as much. The heat from each kick on seemed to linger too, which definitely means I'm saving money!"

When Damon caught up with Floyd recently, he learned that the energy savings have continued and the pest problem has been resolved. The entire crawlspace has a low relative humidity and due to the SilverGlo insulation and CleanSpace, the temperature in the crawlspace doesn't fluctuate like it used to. The heater has kicked on less frequently and Floyd is able to use his crawlspace for storage!

About the author
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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