Dirt Crawl Spaces

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 by Steve Phillips

 Dirt Crawl Space Problem

The problem is moisture inside of the home – particularly because a home is made of organic materials, filled with objects made from organic materials, and lived in by a family


The moisture comes from two sources –ground and air


Moisture from the ground, exposed earth contributes a lot of water vapor into the crawl space air. The earth is damp, as that soil dries into the home, the water vapor moves upward into the house.

There are several ways water gets into a house leaks, ground water seeps, and humidity through vents, under the footing, between the footing and wall and through cracks in poured walls.


Air is an efficient way to move water. Air, especially humid air, moves with ease in and out of places. Air moves all around us in vast quantities through large and small places. Air brings its moisture content wherever it goes. When air is heated or cooled its relative humidity changes. Warm air holds more moisture them cool air.


Crawl spaces are cool, because the earth is 55 degrees year round. So when we bring warm humid air into a crawl space, the air is cooled, and the relative humidity goes up. High relative humidity causes rot, mold, energy loss and attract pest      


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