Look for these 3 Signs if You're Concerned about Foundation Movement in Saint Anthony, IN

Foundation problems are rarely a welcome revelation no matter where you live.  In Saint Anthony, IN, you may be seeing instances of foundation movement due to the increased groundwater that occurred earlier this year.  Here’s three signs that you might have foundation movement:

bowing basement wall in saint anthony indiana                1. Uneven driveways or sloped sidewalks

These may or may not indicate a foundation problem is present.  Both a driveway and a sidewalk are concrete slabs, which are designed for a certain amount of movement.  They are exposed to the elements and are more likely to crack than a foundation wall.  Just because you’re seeing slab movement doesn’t mean that you’ve got foundation.  It does mean that there has been some settlement or heave in the active top layers of soils, which could translate to deeper movement.   Your best course of action is to note the areas of movement and check for further indications of foundation movement as you check your home.

                2. Cracks around doors and windows

Cracks coming off the corners of doors and windows are signs of foundation movement, especially if those doors and windows are uneven in their frames or are hard to open and close.  Don’t be concerned about one door that sticks or a swollen window, instead, check for windows and doors on a common wall that are all sticking.  If you suspect a particular wall is moving, be sure to look at the windows and doors on all levels of the home to verify the movement. 

                3. Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks may or may not be indicative of foundation movement.  It’s really the shape of the crack that determines if movement is occurring.  Regular shrinkage or cosmetic cracks are usually a uniform width and can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.  A crack that does indicate movement is a tapered crack.  When a crack is tapered, it means that there's a fixed end, indicating where movement is not occurring and a wider end where the movement is.

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