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Has Your Home Been Warm Enough During The Winter?

Thursday, January 18th, 2018 by Kelsey Bullerdick

Most homeowners tend to avoid the crawl space, and they are often unaware of the problems that may be occurring in there. Crawl spaces can be a major problem area in a home's building envelope, as air leakage often leads to energy loss, uncomfortably cold floors, and other problems.


The problem with traditional insulation in crawl spaces

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If a crawl space has any insulation at all, far too many have the wrong type of insulation. This error can cause a home to be uncomfortably cold or hot at different times of the year, and more expensive to heat and cool. Having a poorly insulated crawl space is also likely to be excessively damp, encouraging the growth of mold and wood rot. 

Crawl spaces used to be insulated by installing fiberglass batts between the overhead joists in the crawl space. This is bad for many of reasons. Fiberglass insulation tends to absorb moisture, which causes it to lose R-value and fall out of place, rendering it totally ineffective. Damp fiberglass is also a breeding ground for mold and pests which can cause wood rot and threaten the stability of your crawl space. 


How we solve crawl space insulation problems

If you have high heating and cooling bills, cold floors, cold floors above the crawl space, or uncomfortable rooms in the house, Healthy Spaces can help! Here are our solutions in making your home more comfortable.


Adding Insulation To Crawl Space Walls 

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If you want to take incremental steps to save as much energy as possible, having foam insulation boards installed on your crawl space walls. SilverGlo paneling has tiny graphite particles in its foam insulation to give it that silver/gray shine. These tiny particles reflect heat and lower the material's conductivity for superior R-value per inch. SilverGlo boasts a radiant barrier, which reflects heat back into your crawl space for ultimate energy savings.



Adding Insulation To The Crawl Space FloorHas Your Home Been Warm Enough During The Winter - Image 3

Insulating crawl space walls will always take precedence over insulating the floor, but floor insulation can be a valuable improvement for several reasons. If you're experiencing significant heat loss, TerraBlock is a crucial addition because it eliminates a major source of energy loss. If you have a dirt floor crawl space, our TerraBlock insulation can be installed with a drainage liner to ensure you don't have moisture issues. 


Curious to learn more? We install quality insulation that is proven to make homes more comfortable and efficient! 






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