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Why You're Not Basement Waterproofing (And What You Can Do About It)

Friday, February 16th, 2018 by Kelsey Bullerdick

When you first envisioned your home’s basement you probably didn’t imagine your storage boxes floating around and little duckies inhabiting your home. You most likely just saw the space and had the best ideas in mind for how you’d use it for a little while until you saved enough money to finish the space.

Then a couple of rainstorms later you’re beginning to worry. Will my foundation get ruined? Could this possibly get any worse? Where do I go from here?

Hydrostatic pressure

We’re starting to approach the season your basements dread - SPRING. During the Winter, most people tend to ignore or put off servicing issues because it can’t be done with frozen ground, right? Think again…putting off waterproofing can be detrimental to damaging the foundation of your home. In Indiana and Kentucky, we experience sudden bouts of snow melting and above- freezing temperatures that can come without a warning. We go through a repeated freeze/thaw cycle, causing the soil around your home to expand and contract. Hydrostatic pressure occurs when water saturates the backfill soils around your home, and the water exerts pressure against the walls. If your basement isn’t protected, all that water could end up leaking through your home’s foundation, causing bigger problems when it’s discovered in the spring.

As Spring season approaches, many of us have our own unique traditions that we do to prepare. Whether it’s working on your landscape, cleaning, or prepping the patio for entertainment, we tend to forget one piece, our basements. As the saying goes “April showers bring May flowers.” If you’ve had water issues previously, it’s likely to happen again. It can take a small problem and turn it into an even bigger disaster. And we often only spring into action after something goes wrong.

Most waterproofing companies are in high demand during the Spring, forcing you to do damage control yourself for days or weeks until a contractor can get to your home.

Don’t let the next rain ruin your Spring fun! Calling a professional before it gets to that critical point, not only will save you money but also the headache and stress in the long run! If you live in Southern Indiana, Kentucky, or Illinois, contact our certified specialists for a FREE inspection.

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