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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Repairing Your Crawl Space

Monday, June 25th, 2018 by Kelsey Bullerdick

During the summer, many of us have our own unique traditions. Whether it's working on your landscape, cleaning or prepping the patio for entertainment, we tend to forget one piece, our crawl spaces.

I get it, dealing with a crawl space problem is not fun

However, the state of your crawl space can have a major impact on your home. Damp moist air that's trapped in your crawl space can breed mold and affect your foundation. Local pests and bugs will find it a refuge from the outside elements and move right in. And musty smells can find their way into your living spaces.

For all these reasons and many more, it's important to choose the right approach when fixing your crawl space. Crawl spaces can be very complex environments and choosing the wrong approach can exacerbate the problems you're trying to solve. This is not only time-consuming but costly.

Here are some examples of mistakes to avoid when fixing your crawl space.

1. DON'T: Install additional vents in the crawl space

This is actually the WORST thing you can do for your crawl space. The theory was by adding vents in a crawl space, it would force more moisture out. But it turns out that additional vents do a better of alluring in the humid air during times of high humidity, doing more harm than good when the goal is to maintain a clean, dry space under your home.

More vents also mean more ways for pests to enter the crawl space. 

2. DON'T: Insulate with fiberglass to repair a damp crawl space

Insulating damp crawl spaces with fiberglass is another common mistake. As you probably know, fiberglass insulation absorbs moisture. When this happens, the crawl space becomes an even more hospitable environment for mold growth. 

Fiberglass's moisture absorbing properties make it an ineffective solution.

3. DON'T: Add vapor barriers to floor joists

Another crawl space repair tactic is to install vapor barriers to floor joists to keep moisture from seeping into the wood joists. The problem with this idea is that in summer months, condensation in the crawl space gets trapped between the joists and the vapor barrier. 

Avoid condensation at all costs.

4. DON'T: Skip the drainage system

With both dirt and concrete crawl spaces, drainage issues are common. Once groundwater and rainwater seep (or gush) in, it's very dangerous to let the water stand or let the crawl space "air out" on its own (meaning let the wooden structures absorb the moisture). An effective drainage system will take into account the type and slope of the crawl space floor, the foundation and drainage outside and will often include a sump pump and dehumidifier designed for the crawl space. 

DO: Hire a Professional with Crawl Space Experience

Choosing the right crawl space solution and a professional contractor experienced in crawl spaces will save you time, headache, and money

Let us turn your crawl space into a worry-free zone. Because landscaping, entertaining on your patio, and almost any other home improvement project are more fun!


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