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A Wet Basement Is No Joke

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 by Haley Tepool

Wet Basement

Water in your basement is no joke. It can cause homeowners a lot of worry and panic. If you have a wet basement, you know that you’re always waiting for the next big storm or running home on your lunch break from work to make sure things are okay when it’s raining. Most of the time, important documents and memories like your taxes and photo albums are stored in your basement. Can you imagine losing those to water damage? Healthy Spaces makes it possible to have a dry basement.

What to Watch For

Most of the time, damage in the basement is obvious, but the effects of your upstairs may not be. Since air flows into the upper levels of your home from the basement, it brings the humidity from the basement with it.

  • Dust mites- this is the number one indoor allergen
  • Sticking or swollen doors and windows
  • Smelly damp carpets
  • Buckling hardwood floors
  • Condensation and mold- as humid air escapes into your attic it can condense against the cold ceiling or roof.
  • Increased heating and cooling bills

Why You Should Fix It

If you use your basement to store valuable items like photos and keepsakes, seasonal holiday décor, tools, and important paperwork, water and moisture will damage these important items. Also, if you are thinking about selling your home, no one will want to buy it after looking at the basement. It has been proven that buyers will discount the price of the home by 10% or more because of a wet basement.

Our Solutions

Having a dry basement is possible if the proper systems and sump pumps are installed. When it rains, the loose soil around your home is being compacted into your walls and floor, causing water to run in. A reliable system will ease your mind.

  • WaterGuard System- a drainage system that covers the perimeter of your basement on the floor to catch any water that may have found a way in.
  • TripleSafe sump pump- a powerful and reliable sump pump system that takes the water out of the house leaving the basement dry.

Here at Healthy Spaces, we will tackle your wet basement problems. We offer free inspections to evaluate your home, as well as easy payment plans to help you along the way. Our Design Specialist will tailor a plan to fit exactly what you and your home are needing, and you will have the dry basement you’ve always dreamed of.A Wet Basement Is No Joke - Image 2

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