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Service Ride Along: Part 2

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 by Haley Tepool

Welcome back! In my last blog post, I covered the first stop of our day, along with some fun information you won’t want to miss. Click here to read Part 1.

Our second and third stop was neat because the customers were related and lived right across the street from each other.

Our second appointment was quick because the customer was needing a new dehumidifier since he had recently quit working. With Travis having a lot of experience, the install didn’t take long at all. Once we were both insides of the crawl space, he began explaining the importance of having a dehumidifier. The primary goal of installing the SaniDry Sedona is to relinquish some of the relative humidity. Mold spores form from moisture and humidity, and with a dehumidifier, we can remove those factors. It also has a big filter on the back of the system that cleans the air as it dehumidifies. While we were there, Travis did a quick overview of the crawl space just to make sure everything was functioning properly, and it was.

Service Ride Along: Part 2 - Image 1

We ventured over to the neighbor’s home, another one of our customers, who was kind enough to let us look at their crawl space for learning purposes for me. Their crawl space looked amazing as well. They had CleanSpace installed as well as SilverGlo and was sealed tightly with an EverLast door. Travis explained that the importance of having SilverGlo insulation in a crawl space, which I will touch more on another time. These homeowners even used their crawl space for storage. Who can blame them? It's dry and perfect. 

Service Ride Along: Part 2 - Image 2

Since our appointments are done for the day, we packed up and headed on a 2-hour drive back to Evansville. Travis began talking about how important his job is to him, and all of our customers at Healthy Spaces. He knows that being a Service Manager and Technician is not to just fix customers' problems and move on, he knows that he has to be transparent with them so we are continued to be viewed as the trusted leader.

While Travis’ friendly personality and professionalism as a Service Manager make it easy for customers to welcome him into their home, I think his ability to be honest and establish a trusting relationship with them is what leaves a lasting impression on them. I am happy to have had the opportunity to ride with Travis, and to have learned a lot along the way. Our plan is to do another Service ride along segment with basements within the next month, so keep your eye out for that!

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