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Use Your Finished Space to Earn Income

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 by Haley Tepool

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In today's world, parents need to go back to work, but they are often stuck home with their children because they are without childcare. They are also struggling with the current homework and other assignments that teachers are assigning to allow their students to enter the next grade level. The ideal situation would be to send your children to a safe environment, with limited exposure to other germs while you went back to work. 

With your own clean, healthy space you could start up your own in-home child care organization with the perfect place.

Use Your Finished Space to Earn Income - Image 2

Walls- The EverLast walls are hard and durable. They won’t dent like drywall, so when a child accidentally has an accident, you have no worries. When you hang art or TV’s, you won’t even have to find a stud. All you need to do is put a screw or nail where you want it. Studies show that the two most popular interior colors are off-white and beige because they match interior decor and never go out of style. The EverLast walls have both colors in them so any decor will match. With all the current uncertainty in the world, job stability has been a tough topic. If you have a basement, garage, or upstairs bonus room now is the perfect time to finish those and perhaps start a new gig that could make you some extra income. Of course, you want a beautiful spot to do this, but you also want it to last and be durable. 

Lighting- Of course, you'll need light. The two basic options that we offer are fluorescent light and can light. Fluorescent lighting gives you the most light and is great for when you’re doing a project or for an in-home daycare when you want to fill the space with bright white light. The can light are great because you can dim them, making it perfect for nap time. The best part is, you can choose both! It’s amazon how any area can look with proper lighting. 

Flooring- Of all the surfaces in your basement, the floor is the one that is most vulnerable to water damage. Luckily, we offer many options for the flooring to keep it dry. The ThermalDry floor matting comes in carpet or tile and each tile has raised pegs on the bottom that create an air space under the floor. This prevents water from condensing under the floor. MillCreek flooring is exclusive because it has the warm, earthy look of wood, but it is all-plastic which is perfect for accidental messes. It is planked like real wood and has a tongue and groove design to lock them together. 

With any of these options, Healthy Spaces will provide value to your home through a total finishing system while making sure it all stays dry and healthy. A perfect teacher-child ratio, flexible hours, following updated regulations, and a new space would have you running a successful new business. If you’re a teacher or thinking about starting an in-home daycare, give us a call. We would love to be your helping hand.


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