Ultimate Peace of Mind for Sump Pump in Southern Indiana

Have you ever worried, is my sump pump working?

Have you worried about your sump pump while at work?

Or while you are out of town? ...

...You don't have to wonder anymore! Have peace of mind with Basement Defender. 


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The Basement Defender™ sump pump monitor is like having a personal sump pump technician who is spying on your pump all day, every day. It is a WiFi-enabled sump pump monitor and alarm system which acts as an outlet for your primary and secondary sump pumps as well as your battery backup system.



Every morning at 8 am, Basement Defender™ activates primary and battery backup pumps to run for a few seconds. We like to think of it as exercising the pumps, so they’re in perfect shape to spring into action when you need them to do their job. Basement Defender is constantly watching:

  • Pump Activity
  • Humidity
  • Battery Strength
  • Temperature

Even more, Basement Defender™ is constantly watching for changes in the sump system, like pump activity, battery strength, amperage/voltage, and environmental factors like temperature and humidity. If any anomalies are detected, Basement Defender™ instantly sends an alert to you via text, app notification, or even email.

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So for the first time, you can go to work, travel, and rest easy knowing that your sump pumps are working properly to keep your basement and crawl space dry all the time! It's a proactive approach that gives the ultimate peace of mind in your sump pump system. 

If you're interested in learning more, contact us today for more information or call us at 1-833-782-0040.



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