Why Drywall is Bad for Your Basement

Thursday, December 17th, 2020 by Haley Tepool

Drywall and wood studs are some of the most common building materials available. They are used to build homes all over the country. Drywall doesn’t give any structural or insulating benefits but is used so much because it’s cheap because it's made from paper. Drywall works fine when it’s kept dry at all times, but a basement environment is not one that is dry at all times, which spells trouble for drywall.

Upgrade from Drywall

Mold grows on wood-based products easily, and mold grows easiest on paper, like the facing on the front and back of the drywall. When choosing building materials for a project, basements take special consideration. Basements are below ground and made of concrete. There are 4 reasons why basements are likely to be wet or humid that do not happen upstairs where drywall may be.

  1. Water vapor from the earth passes through the porous concrete in a slow, unending stream.
  2. Groundwater leaks are possible and you might say, likely.
  3. Plumbing leaks are going to happen.
  4. Basements are below ground, they’re cool. When warm, summer air from outside is drawn into your basement, it is cooled by the basement and the relative humidity goes way up. This causes mold to grow on both wood and paper.

Mold is the reason why basements smell musty and are one of the most common indoor allergens. Each year, thousands of basements that are finished with drywall are ripped out because the drywall was ruined by dampness and water. If you’re going to finish your basement properly and do it once, you’ll need something different than drywall.

One wall covering solution we offer is EverLast basement wall panels. These panels are engineered to never get moldy or rot. They cannot be damaged by moisture and won't support mold or mildew growth. Each panel has embedded metal studs along with the board. These studs are separated from your foundation walls with 2" of insulation, which eliminates energy-losing "cold spots" in the completed installation. These sturdy panels can support heavy items mounted directly into the wallboard, with no need to cut away the insulation and expose the wall beyond this includes cabinets, pictures, and even a full-sized plasma TV!

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