Key Principles of a Healthy Crawl Space

Sump Pump installed Crawl Space

With Spring and Summer weather approaching, it is critical to understand some of the key principles of what makes a crawl space healthy.  A tip regarding anything crawl space is: If you wouldn’t put it outside, then don’t place it in an unhealthy crawl space.  All homes contain pipes and other essential tools in either a crawl space or basement that helps the home run effectively from the floor above.  If the crawl space is in contact with any outdoor air or moisture, it will rise to the floor above and eventually reach the attic.  The attic and home’s health are determined by how the crawl space operates.


When inspecting a crawl space that has humidity, certain problems will be visible.  A humid crawl space might have mold, light peering inside the crawl space, insulation hanging down from the ceiling, wooden beams that are soft and bouncy, insect life, and water on the ground.  Mold can irritate people with asthma and mold allergies, so it is urgent to create a dry airflow.  Closing all gaps and closing the vents in the crawlspace will banish all contact with outside conditions.  The rim joists should be sealed and insulated.  CleanSpace is a pool-like liner that is laid out on the floor to close any remaining air that could escape.  After CleanSpace is installed, it is considered to be “inside” instead of an “outside” environment.  SaniDry Sedona is set up to control the humidity and mold.  A standard dehumidifier compared to a SaniDry Sedona is that the SaniDry Sedona saves money in the long run because of the low cost of electricity to use it.  A smart sump pump system is installed to pump water out of a crawl space automatically.  It also alerts when a pipe has leaked. 


Once the crawl space is converted from an unsafe “outside” environment to a clean and healthy “inside” environment there will be no further issues above the crawlspace.  The owners will have a clear conscience knowing that their health and the home's foundation will continue to confidently thrive.


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