A Service Trip in Crawl Spaces and a Basement

I had the privilege to ride along with service technician Ashley Sprasky and learn the techniques of what makes a crawl space and basement healthy. The first crawl space was due for an annual check-up on the SmartSump Pump, with a small opening that led into the crawl space. The pump's alarm battery was changed and then the sump pump was tested to guarantee that it is working efficiently. A sump pump needs to be checked annually to make sure the pump is continually pumping any water that may enter the crawl space. Sometimes, you may find unexpected treats down in a crawl space, such as a small animal bone!

   A Service Trip to Crawl Spaces and a Basement - Image 1

* A small animal bone was found! *

The second crawl space had two openings that led to one space. The crawl space needed an annual inspection for mold. The space was previously treated for mold through mold remediation, but annual check-ups are encouraged to make sure no new mold spores are growing on organic surfaces such as wooden beams. If a small mold spore was found, it was re-treated. The type of mold that we looked for was either white or tiny black dots.

A Service Trip to Crawl Spaces and a Basement - Image 2A Service Trip to Crawl Spaces and a Basement - Image 3

* This crawl space had two openings, with inspection of mold spores such as the ones up close here*

The last stop was a basement that needed an annual inspection on the SuperSump Pump. The reason why this basement had a SuperSump Pump installed compared to the TripleSafe Sump Pump was that the homeowner wasn't dealing with severe flooding, but occasional water issues here and there. If a home is located near a lake or an area where water is present, or an area where flooding is a common issue, then a TripleSafe system is recommended. The basement had previous mold growth on the bottom sides of the walls that were scrubbed and treated. CleanSpace was positioned onto the bottom parts of the basement walls. CleanSpace is a bright white, pool-like liner that is tear-resistant and prevents mold growth on the liner. A water guard was installed in the ground to direct any water from the walls or floor to the SuperSump Pump. The SuperSump Pump will then drain any water that enters the pump system. A water hose was put inside the hole where the water guard is and water blasted inside the water guard to make sure the SuperSump Pump was doing its job correctly, and it was! The alarm battery was changed for the SuperSump Pump.

A Service Trip to Crawl Spaces and a Basement - Image 4A Service Trip to Crawl Spaces and a Basement - Image 5

* A water hose is put in the water guard to test the SuperSump pump*

Annual maintenance for sump pumps and mold remediation is important so that the basement or crawl space is ensured that it is working to its fullest extent for a healthy space. The homeowners were at ease to know that their products would be saving money in the long run and that everything was continuing to work well.

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