Do You Have a Wet and Humid Crawl Space?

Do You Have a Wet and Humid Crawl Space? 


April showers bring May flowers.  This rhyme originated from Thomas Tusser, who did not know about Indiana’s unpredictable weather. Rain in Indiana is known to be present past April, into May.  By the time June rolls around, May has left plentiful water in all lakes, and maybe your crawl space perhaps? As the temperature starts to increase outdoors, the temperature in a crawl space will increase if it is left untreated. 

How can you prevent this? 

Let’s dive in!

Do You Have a Wet and Humid Crawl Space? - Image 1

*Water is seen throughout the floor of the crawl space*


The crawl space pictured above had the same trouble you may be experiencing with your own. This crawl space had wet ground and a reading of 88.7% humidity.  With a humidity percent that ranges from 70 to 100 percent, organic growth can thrive. When mold can flourish in a crawl space, it will spread to the floor above, creating health risks for homeowners.

Preventing extreme temperatures from entering the crawl space will preserve the life of the home.

There are four main installations for preventing this issue, such as:

CleanSpace is a 20 mil liner that is laid throughout the crawl space's ground and walls to seal away moisture from the outside.  As a sump pump system is installed, it will automatically pump any water that would appear. Closing all openings in a crawl space will ensure that the SaniDry Sedona can continue creating a dry air flow.  A continuous flow of dry air is the key to preventing any organic growth or life in the crawl space from prospering.

Do You Have a Wet and Humid Crawl Space? - Image 2

*The crawl space is encapsulated using CleanSpace*


As the seasons and weather start to change, it is essential to check out your crawl space for any signs of humidity or water. If Thomas Tusser, a farmer and poet, were to create a poem for Indiana’s weather, what do you think it would be? Would he want his crawl space encapsulated too?




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