A Finished Home for the Holidays

The holidays are beginning in full swing. However, according to a study that was done in 2018, around 88 percent of Americans stress out about the holidays. 28 percent of people stress about prepping their homes for guests (Gervis, 2018). Do you have a room you tend to lock away from preying eyes in hopes that no one sees the cracks on the walls or mold at the corners? Finishing and repairing your home comes with its perks. 

Your Basement

Do you have an imaginary (or physical) "do not enter" sign on your basement door to steer guests away from? If the answer is yes, it may be time for a change of scenery. Extra, finished space is valuable when it comes to your property value. There are many ideas of what you could turn your basement into. Ideas could include but are not limited to...

1. Billiard Room

2. Home Gym

3. Library

4. Art Room

5. Party Room

6. Family Room for Movie Nights

7. Playroom

8. Basement Bar

9. Home Office

10. An Extra Bedroom

What Products Can I Use Before or After Foundation Repair for Finishing?

1. ZenWall Paneling System- a 1/4-inch thick encapsulated fiberglass core with a reflective foil vapor barrier on the back side and a decorative vinyl finish on the front side. This system gives the space a great, finished look. 

2. BrightWall Paneling System- drains any water leaks down behind it to the WaterGuard drainage system. It looks great and brightens the basement. 

3. CleanSpace Wall System- Heavy, durable plastic liner that protects the vapor barrier while being energy efficient. 

4. Foamax- Cold basement walls create a cold atmosphere in the basement and condensation on the walls in the summer. This system provides insulation and cost savings. 

To finish or semi-finish your basement, another option would be...

1. Basement to Beautiful Panels-Lowers the thermal conductivity, while waterproofing and insulating the walls from extreme temperatures such as snow. 

2. EverLast Panels such as the picture displayed below give the basement an attractive and finished look. 

A Finished Home for the Holidays - Image 1

Foundation Repair 

If the only concern you have for your home is the cracks on the wall, then there are a few simple solutions depending on how big or little the problem is. Wall failure such as bowing or stair-step cracking can be repaired by the following...

CarbonArmor Systems- made with a high tensile strength that keeps a wall from bending or bowing inward. 

PowerBrace System- permanently stabilizes the home's foundation that is installed against the wall and tightened against it. 

GeoLock Wall Anchor Systems- To have this installed, there needs to be soil behind the walls. The system can be tightened to permanently stabilize the home. 

GeoLock Channel Anchor Systems- this system is for inward movement and is located on the lower bottom of basement walls. 

A Finished Home for the Holidays - Image 2

Pictured above is the PowerBrace System paired with the BrightWall 

You Got This

This holiday, your home can be a safe and inviting space for you and your guests. No more worrying about who is going to sneak a peak into your forbidden basement or the structural safety of the home. Are you ready to take the next step? If so, schedule a FREE inspection with Healthy Spaces or call 1-833-782-0040


Gervis, Z. (2018, December 6). Holidays stress out 88 percent of Americans, a study claims. Fox News. Retrieved November 21, 2022, from https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/the-holiday-stress-out-88-percent-of-americans-study-claims


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