Central City, KY Home has Cold Floors from Vented Crawlspace

Friday, November 14th, 2014 by Cassi Sherman Henes

Here in Central City, we've been dipping down into downright chilly temperatures this week.  It's below freezing at night and that makes for some very unpleasant late night trips to the bathroom.  There's nothing quite so bad as putting your toasty bare feet from the bed to the ice cold floor and walking over that floor to the bathroom. 

Cold floor are a complaint that we hear a lot at Healthy Spaces.  People are tired of freezing feet and icy floors.  One of the major reasons that floors get so cold is due to vented, dirt crawlspaces.  Vented dirt floor crawlspaces are constantly drawing in icy outside air into your home.  The "Stack Effect" then draws that icy air up and makes your floor freezing!  As you can imagine, it makes for colder pipes, colder floors, and a lot more home maintenance than a sealed crawlspace home.

Here’s the Healthy Spaces prescription for warmer floors and a more energy efficient home this winter:

  1. Have CleanSpace crawlspace encapsulation liner installed

CleanSpace will be installed across the floors and up the walls, sealing out moisture and making the crawlspace more efficient.  Vent covers are the best way to really shore up those vents and make sure that they aren’t drawing in cold air.

      2. Have SilverGlo insulation installed behind the CleanSpace

SilverGlo is a high R factor foam board insulation that will help keep the temperatures in the crawlspace more regular throughout the seasons.  In the winter, you should notice that a crawlspace based furnace operates more efficiently by having to power up less often and by wasting less of the precious heated air combating a cold crawlspace.

      3.  Have drainage matting installed behind the CleanSpace

Drainage matting is the perfect way to trap moisture away from your home and create useful storage space.  It also gives you a layer of protection between the cold dirt and the CleanSpace.  This means that you’ve further isolated your home from cold things like cold groundwater and cold air.

      4.  Have a Turtl or Everlast Crawlspace Door installed

The number one way that cold air penetrates a crawlspace and makes a floor cold is through a crawlspace door.  Most crawlspace doors are basically plywood and do little to nothing to keep out the air.  It’s like having an open window all the time!  By using a sealing door like a Turtl or Everlast, you stop the influx of air into your crawlspace.  You also create a more secure entry, eliminating the risk of unwelcome four- or six- legged guests.


If your crawlspace is vented, or if your floors just feel downright icy, contact Healthy Spaces today for a free evaluation and estimate and you can have toasty toes again in no time!  

About the author
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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