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Crawl Space Repair Photo Album: Sumner, IL Crawl Space Transformation

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John B. from Sumner, IL was having new flooring put in by a contractor. After the floor was installed, it started curling. The contractor noticed that the crawl space was very wet, so he recommended John call us to find a solution. Groundwater leakage lies in a crawl space, which is slowly evaporating into the house. When there's exposed earth as well, it also adds a continuous stream of water vapor into your home. This is what John was experiencing. 

Design Specialist, Donnie Stuteville, was called out to the job site where he met with John. After a thorough inspection, he decided that the crawl space needed to get rid of all the mold, new drainage system, as well as a vapor barrier and a sump pump, and John agreed. The first project was to remove all of the debris from the crawl space. Next, a drainage system was installed which takes all water that enters the crawl space directly to the sump pump, disposing of it through discharge lines.

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