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The homeowners had noticed a funky, organic smell coming from the crawlspace.  "On hot days, or really wet ones, I'd come home and I could smell this funk like a mouse was dead in the walls or something.  I had the ducts cleaned, the carpets cleaned, an exterminator out to check for pests.  I finally had to admit to myself that we were living on top of the problem--our crawlspace was stinky," said one homeowner.

Donnie Stuteville came out to the home to check for mold, flooding, and other common issues found in crawlspaces in Waverly.  He discovered a substantial mold issue brought about by frequent crawlspace flooding.  The homeowners realized that their existing sump pump was broken and wasn't actually pumping groundwater out of the crawlspace.  In addition to that, the grading around their home needed to be changed to get water to flow away from the house.  On top of these fixes, the homeowners decided to encapsulate the crawlspace.  "Encapsulation is like vapor barrier on steriods in my mind.  You get a really thick, antimicrobial film called CleanSpace and it is guaranteed not to rip.  Totally worth the money for my peace of mind," said the homeowner.

The Healthy Spaces crew came out and remediated the mold, removed all the debris, installed a new drainage system around an existing radon mitigation system, put in a new sump pump, and then installed CleanSpace throughout the crawlspace.  "It was a dirty, nasty job, but the crew was kind and smiling.  They were wonderful!" said the homeowner.


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