Crawl Space Repair - A Tale Of Two Crawlspaces

Sometimes, you have the perfect set up for a really great compare and contrast story.  This is one of those set ups.  Two families call in to Healthy Spaces from Decker, IN.  They don't live particularly close to one another.  They did; however, end up having extraordinarily similar crawlspaces!  Both families had groundwater intrusion issues, both tested positive for mold.  Both families needed waterproofing systems installed and also wanted vapor barriers.  They both chose to have their mold mitigated and waterproofing services performed by Healthy Spaces.

Here's where the differences came in.  One family chose to have CleanSpace vapor barrier installed.  It's a multi-layered system that's guaranteed against rips, tears, and water on top of the liner for 25 years.  The other family chose to have a standard black plastic vapor barrier installed.  It's a single layer of black plastic, durable, but not guaranteed.  Both families went on to choose the same sump pumps, the same water removal system with EZFlow drain tiles, and both had the same high quality installation service provided by Healthy Spaces.  Now, one family rests easy knowing that they won't have to replace their vapor barrier or worry about it wearing it.  The other family, well, they are truly happy with their service, but they are already budgeting for a CleanSpace installation in the next couple years.

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