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Crawl Space Mold Growing in Morganfield, KY Crawl Space

The crawl space in this Morganfield, KY home was not a place you wanted to be. It was wet and growing mold, giving the area an overall damp feeling. Since crawl spaces are the lowermost points of a home, the "Stack Effect" explains that air flows in your home from bottom to top, meaning that the mold in the crawl space can be easily breathed in by those upstairs, causing a serious problem. Homeowner Ann A. knew that her crawl space wasn't in the best shape, but she had no idea how severe the mold really was until System Design Specialist, Scott Schaum, completed an inspection on it.

Following the inspection, Scott sat down with Ann and explained the best route to take regarding cleaning up the crawl space and making her home a healthy place to be. He recommended a mold remediation treatment, and she agreed. They got it scheduled and our Mold Remediation crew was there to do the job. Our remediation process includes removing all mold-damaged materials, drying out the basement or crawl space, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. We use safe, effective cleaning products, and all of our technicians are trained and certified in professional mold remediation techniques that won't spread the mold in your home. If mold is taking over your basement or crawl space, click here for a free estimate. 

Poseyville, IN Crawlspace Mold Remediation

Mold is a serious health concern and many of the homes in the Poseville area suffer from it.  Mold occurs when the indoor humidity levels are high, the area is warm, and there is organic material for the mold to feed on.  This set of criteria describes crawlspaces perfectly.  From the dirt floor to the wooden sub-floor joists, there is a great deal of organic material for mold to feed on.  Here, you can see the mold and fungus growing along the wooden joists in this crawlspace.  The whitish blobs are actually spider sacks (the closer white mark in the upper left) and fungal growth (present on second joist from the front).  In the second picture, you can see the first joist has received a mold treatment and scrub down to remove the fungus.  For contrast, you can still see the Mold-X treatment on the bottom of the joist, which will be scrubbed next.  Mold removal isn't going to fix this crawlspace because the underlying humidity issues are still present.  After the mold has been removed, the entire crawlspace will be encapsulated with CleanSpace, the most technologically advanced vapor barrier on the market.  It's going to reduce water intrusion and allow the crawlspace to be "conditioned space" when a dehumidifier called a SaniDry is installed.

Mold Living in a Cadiz, KY Crawl Space

Homeowner Kent W. from Cadiz, KY hadn't been down in his crawl space in years, and quite frankly, he didn't want to be. He knew that his crawl space was in good condition when he bought his home 15 years ago, but recently noticed a stronger smell of mold in his home. He couldn't pinpoint exactly where the smell was coming from but decided to give Healthy Spaces a call to fight the problem. Kent knew that the health and safety of his family was his top priority and would do anything to get this mold controlled. 

Design Specialist, Jason Dausmann, came to Kent's home to complete an inspection. Mold remediation would need to be done in the crawl space to make the home healthy again. Our crews came out and did just that. Now, Kent and his family have a healthy home to live in, without worrying about the health risks that come along with the mold. 

Your home is your largest investment- financially and emotionally. Fix the problem, like Kent did, before it becomes a nightmare.

Corydon, KY Mold Problems Solved by Healthy Spaces

Mold is never a good thing.  Sometimes, it's caused by a flooding crawlspace, increased groundwater, and other easy to combat issues.  Other times, the source of the moisture feeding the mold is a bit harder to detect.  In this Corydon, KY home, the source of the moisture took several months to discover and by that time, the mold growth was explosive!  The problem began with a small leak in the line coming out from the washing machine.  It was a dripping that traveled along the pipe and was virtually undetectable because it was happening within the walls.  After time, the surrounding area was so moist that the drywall collapsed upon itself at a touch.  The surrounding carpet and pad, subfloor, and pipes were all covered in a thick layer of mold.  

As you can see in the before picture, the mold was growing all over the area, which was hidden beneath the house and was only visible in the crawlspace.  It wasn't until a design specialist from Healthy Spaces took a look at the crawlspace that the damage was finally revealed.  It's suspected that the leak had been occurring for at least 9 months before it was severe enough to be detected.

The after photo shows the amazing difference that the mold remediation team at Healthy Spaces created.  They treated the affected area with Biocide and Forticell to kill the mold, then thoroughly scrubbed every surface to remove the spores and dead mold.  After removing the debris, they made sure the leak had been resolved and were able to repair any damage from the mold in the subfloor.

Controlling Mold in Evansville, IN Crawl Space

The crawl space in this Evansville, IN home was not a place you wanted to be. It was wet and growing mold, giving the are an overall damp feeling. Since crawl spaces are the lowermost points of a home, the "Stack Effect" explains that air flows in your home from top to bottom, meaning that the mold in the crawl space can be easily breathed in by those upstairs, causing a serious problem. 

Here you can see in the before and after photo that our team worked to remove all the debris and organic material from the crawl space. With that out of the way, they could start the mold removal process. The first step is to seal off openings to prevent cross-contamination. The second step is to remove airborne contaminants by using air scrubbers. Next, we used a HEPA vacuum to remove any loose contaminants. And lastly, we applied a solution that foams on contact, then it penetrates the soil load which will leave a contaminate free surface.

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