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Mold Remediation Case Studies: Mold Removal in Chrisney, IN

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 by Kelsey Bullerdick


Homeowners in Chrisney, IN were purchasing this home. When they had an inspection done, the inspection report flagged the crawl space for having mold. With one of their children having terrible allergies, they knew that something had to be done before moving into this home. Their realtor told them about Healthy Spaces Fix It To List It program which offers priority scheduling and will only perform a full evaluation on what's listed on the inspection report. 



Air travels upward. So if the air in the crawl space of a home has bacteria, mold spores, or other allergens, then that means that the air in the rest of the home also has bacteria, mold spores, and allergens. 

Our process for mold removal in Chrisney, IN, is completed in 4 steps:

1.) Our crew first needed to remove all debris, such as old plastic and wood. 

2.) Because mold spores can easily be spread, we needed to seal off the area to prevent any cross-contamination. 

3.) Structural Cleaning - Some companies might only clean with disinfectants, addressing only surface soil load. The problem with this is it only cleans the surface soil load, leaving behind dirt, debris, pollen, mold. The product that we use cleans beyond the soil load and accomplishes total source removal leaving behind a contaminate free surface. 

4.) Address Moisture - The last step is to address solutions to moisture issues in the crawl space. Crawl spaces generally need a vapor barrier with 100% coverage and overlapping seams. Controlling ground moisture release with a vapor barrier is an important part of the total solution in the crawl space. 

With these solutions, Chrisney homeowners, will not have to worry about any allergens like mold once they move into their new forever home. 

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Donnie Stuteville

Project Installer: Healthy Spaces

Project Foreman: Steven Rokes

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