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Failing Foundation in Sandborn, IN due to Water Intrusion
Most foundation problems are caused by one thing: water.  Whether it's too much water, or not enough, it's water that drives the soil changes that affect foundations....
Hartford, IN Home Stabilized after Foundation Settles
The homeowners of this Hartford, KY home had noticed their home seemed to be losing elevation in the back corner.  This was a problem, especially as the situation worsened...
Basement Waterproofing in Edwardsport, IN
Homeowners Sara and Matthew T. had many issues with their home that they were finally ready to fix. With their growing family, they knew they needed to make their home a healthy...
Foundation Problems in Tennyson, KY
Donna and Glen W. from Tennyson, IN gave us a call because water was intruding in their basement. There are many signs and symptoms you can observe that may indicate your...
Basement Waterproofing Success Story in Rockport, IN
Spencer County, especially Rockport, is prone to basement flooding.  This is partly due to the low elevation and promixity to the Ohio River, as well as soil conditions....
Mold Removal in Rockport, IN
This Rockport, IN resident had a nasty crawl space in need of a makeover. Moisture from the ground underneath a crawl space keeps wood damp, creating an ideal location for...
Nasty Crawlspace in Rockport, KY
Larry called us from Rockport, IN with a pretty common, but stressful, problem. Their home - particularly the crawl space - odor. That's the pleasant way he described...
Flooding Crawlspace in Owensboro, KY Repaired
This Owensboro home was experiencing a muddy, watery flooding that lead to indoor air quality problems and structural instability. The homeowners noticed that the crawlspace...
Waterproofing and Restoration in Owensboro, KY home
These Owensboro, KY homeowners were sick and tired of vacuuming up water from their basement.  "It was a waste of a couple hours a day trying to keep the basement under...
Owensboro, KY Crawlspace gets Turtl Crawlspace Door
Crawlspace access wells are generally nasty looking places that are irritating and impractical to properly secure. They let in debris, leaves, mold spores, critters and more....
Owensboro, KY Homeowners Suffered through Wet Basement too Long
Adam N, a Owensboro homeowner, contacted Healthy Spaces because of constant wet basement issues in his home. His primary concerns were to get the basement dry again and to...
Wet Basement and Cellar in Richland, IN
This stately home presented several challenges to the Healthy Spaces installation team upon inspection. First and foremost, the home was constructed on a red brick foundation...
Geolock Wall Anchors Installed in Petersburg, IN Home
The homeowners for this ranch style home had been considering finishing the basement for several years to increase their usable living space.  Two years ago, they had...
Flooded Crawl Space in Petersburg, IN
Our customer in Petersburg, IN, had a constant battle with standing water in her crawl space. Aside from having standing water, there was also excess moisture which over a...
Basement Waterproofing in Petersburg, IN
Scott S. from Petersburg, IN called into Healthy Spaces because the water was seeping in from a crack on the wall. There were always small puddles around the crack during...
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