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Vincennes, IN Leaky Basement Repair
This leaky basement in Vincennes, IN was causing huge problems for the homeowner family.   The natural airflow in a house is from bottom to top. This sucks the moist...
Vincennes, IN Basement Wall Leakage Resolved and Floor Crack Repaired
These Vincennes, IN homeowners were dealing with an extremely frustrating basement moisture issue.  Ground water would leak in from the joint between the basement floor...
Crawl Door Replacement
Our client called us out to look at a wet crawlspace. After investigating the problem we found out that they had a very high humidity problem due to open vents and water pouring...
Chandler, IN Basement and Crawlspace Safe from Water
Homeowner Joellen M. from Chandler, IN was having issues with mold growth and unwanted water inside her home, especially her basement. Her basement is unique because it has...
Crawlspace Energy Efficiency Increased in Newburgh, IN
The challenge in this Newburgh home was that the crawlspace was only 18" tall, but experiencing both water intrusion and cold floors.  The homeowners were noticing that...
Newburgh Basement Flooding Leads to Mold
The homeowners for this Newburgh, IN home contacted Healthy Spaces because their finished basement flooded in December due to unseasonable rains.  The flooding had occurred...
Bowing Basement Walls in Newburgh, IN
These Newburgh, IN homeowners had noticed that their block foundation wall was bowing inward and it was bad enough that they were concerned that the wall might fail.  On...
SilverGlo Insulation in Newburgh, IN
This Newburgh, IN home is experiencing mold growth due to water intrusion in the dirt crawlspace.  In order to combat this problem, the homeowners had installed a new...
A Healthier Crawl Space In Mount Vernon, IN
When it comes to your home, it's not a good idea for homeowners to subscribe to the "out of sight, out of mind" mentality. This is why this homeowner in Mount Vernon, IN,...
Water Intrusion in Crawl Space in Newburgh, IN
Mike of Newburgh, IN, had a crawl space that had a handful of problems that was affecting the quality of air he was breathing in. He called Healthy Spaces, where Design Specialist,...
Crawl Space Repair Creates a Healthier Home in Newburgh, IN
There are a ton of a variety of articles about everyday unseen dangers lurking in our homes. However, some of these hazards are within reach of everyday use. Others, on the...
Foundation Problems in Reed, KY
This Reed, KY family was experiencing foundation problems. They had noticed some stair-step cracking in the exterior of their home. Every time they saw it, they had an uneasy...
A Drier and Brighter Basement In Greenville, IN
Sometimes when a homeowner contacts us, they have a long checklist of things they want to repair or improve in their basement, and sometimes it's a simple as "I have water...
Mold Removal in Greenville, KY
This Greenville, KY homeowner had noticed a musty smell throughout her home. After looking in her crawl space, she saw that there was a water leak that had caused...
Mold No More in This Greenville, KY Crawl Space
A Greenville, KY homeowner had been having mold problems in her crawl space, but she didn't realize it. Since she never got down there, she didn't know how much mold was actually...
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