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Muddy Crawlspace Restoration in Fort Branch, IN
This Fort Branch, IN home was built in the late 1980s on a block concrete foundation.  The crawlspace has had numerous vapor barriers installed over time and the homeowners...
Princeton, IN Cracking Foundation in Home Repair
These Princeton, IN homeowners had noticed that one portion of their east wall was settling, along with a chimney in the same area.  The initial concern about cracking...
Crawl Space Makeover in Princeton, IN
Sharon B. of Princeton, Indiana, had a damp, wet, leaking crawl space that could not keep water and moisture out. She also began noticing an odor in her living area. Sharon...
Foundation Repair in Haubstadt, IN Home
These Haudstadt, IN homeowners had noticed that their home felt "off" for a while.  The floor felt slanted and there were cracks in the plaster inside the home.  Since...
Stopping Water Intrusion in Haubstadt, IN Basement
Kathie was having issues with his sump pump. During large rainfalls, his system would overwork itself and become back up, leaving his basement flooded. Kathie was finally...
Cracked Foundation in Haubstadt, IN
Homeowners Paul and Stephanie in Haubstadt, IN,  were noticing cracks on their outside foundation wall. At the time the cracks started off rather small so they didn't...
Bowing Basement Walls Permanently Fixed in Evansville IN
Seth, a homeowner in Evansville, had noticed that his block foundation wall along the back of his home was shifting out of plumb.  Previously, he had needed to correct...
Settling Foundation in Evansville, IN Home Repaired
This Evansville, IN home was suffering from a very common problem: a settling foundation.  The homeowners had noticed that the southwestern corner of the home was sloping...
Fixing a Leaky Crawlspace in Evansville, IN
This 3138 square foot single family home has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms with a crawl space and block wall foundation. One of the challenges in resolving this leaky crawl...
The Case of the Flooding Basement in Evansville, IN
The challenge in this particular Evansville home can be called the "Easter Egg Caper".  The homeowners first began to notice that their drywalled block wall basement...
Evansville, IN Basement Leaking While Waterguard is Installed
This Evansville basement was consistently leaking from the walls and seam where the walls meet the floor slab.  The homeowners stated that there was not a point in the...
Evansville, IN Crawlspace Support Installation for Sagging Floors
This Evansville home had sagging floors.  The homeowners had previously noticed telltale creaking and squeaking, but it wasn't until they placed a new couch and entertainment...
Evansville, IN Powerbrace Installation for Foundation Bowing Wall Repair
These homeowners in Evansville, IN were noticing that their block concrete foundation walls were bowing and buckling inward seasonally. As the outside soil swelled each Spring,...
Evansville, IN Crawlspace Restoration
Evansville, IN, the county seat of Vanderburgh County, is a beautiful place to live.  The owners of this home love their 2,271 square foot home with its 4 bedrooms...
Basement Wall Repair for Bowing in Evansville, IN
This Evansville, IN home is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom single family home measuring in at just under 1000 square feet.  The home was built in 1946 on a block foundation....
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