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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies: Leaking Crawlspace from Recent Rain

Friday, January 10th, 2014 by Cassi Sherman Henes


This leaking crawl space in Boonville, IN is similar to many in the area. It's approximately 2,400 sq ft, a 3' depth and a block wall foundation. That is typical for the Boonville area and the homeowners stated that until recently, they had not considered that the dirt crawl space might be flooded. It wasn't until the homeowners were researching a new central air conditioning HVAC system that they began to research how to decrease their heating and cooling costs. They discovered Healthy Spaces and began to learn more about the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system to increase energy efficiency. Imagine their surprise when they discovered standing water in their crawl space!

Where did that moisture come from? It had to come from the ground and outside air. When a crawl space has a dirt floor, the earth is often damp. This is especially true during rainy times. In this case, the dirt floor is pooled with puddles, or is flooded, the water vapor evaporates in the crawl space air. If insulation has been installed in the floor or crawl space, if it’s wet, it can get heavy and wet. When insulation is wet, it does not serve its purpose. When paper-faced insulation gets wet, it becomes a breeding ground for mold.

Outside moisture can also seep into the house through crawl space walls. How does it seep through those walls? Imperfect mortar joints, inadequate footing drains and exterior wall coatings all let water ooze into crawl spaces. Plumbing leaks in the crawl space can make these problems worse.

At this point, the homeowners have not noticed any plumbing leaks, so the focus is on groundwater intrusion is the main cause.


The homeowners have elected to have a perimeter drain system installed, as well as Cleanspace to encapsulate the crawl space. At this time, the homeowners will have their new CleanSpace system in two weeks. A mold remediation will be performed at that time as well.

Project Summary

Healthy Spaces Mold and Crawlspace Expert: Donnie Stuteville

Installation Expert: Richard Cline

About the author
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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