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Crawl Space Repair Case Studies

Fort Knox, KY Crawlspace Repair Project
The homeowners in Fort Knox, KY were struggling with a moldy, damp crawlspace.  Due to the seasonal nature of their crawlspace moisture, the homeowners were seasonally...
Pest and Mold Problems Resolved in Radcliff, KY
The homeowners in Radcliff, KY called Healthy Spaces after having Swat Pest out to resolve a spider infestation problem in their 1300 sq ft crawlspace. These homeowners realized...
Vine Grove, KY Crawlspace Restoration and Encapsulation
These Vine Grove, KY homeowners suffered with sagging, squeaking floors and a damp crawlspace for years. After struggling to repair their crawlspace using black plastic and...
Brandenburg, KY Crawlspace Restoration
The H family of Bradenburg, KY were completely overwhelmed with what it would take to create a decent fungus free crawlspace under their 2452 square foot home.  The crawlspace...
Moldy, Wet Crawl Space Due to Mold Is Now Useable in Payneville, KY
Homeowner Louisa B. has been living in her Payneville, Kentucky home for a handful of years when she had recently noticed that her allergies were getting worse and worse....
Leitchfield, KY Crawlspace Repair
This crawlspace in Leitchfield, KY was experiencing groundwater intrusion based flooding.  The homeowners were tired of the musty, muddy smell that filled their home...
A Crawl Space Overhaul in French Lick, IN
During the 38 years that they have lived in their house, homeowners in French Lick, IN, have only ventured into the crawl space a couple of times. With the heavy rain, we...
Tell City, IN Crawlspace Makeover
The homeowners in Tell City, IN were experiencing continuing odors and moisture in their crawlspace despite regrading their yard and extending their downspouts. They finally...
Creating a Healthier Environment in Odon, IN
This homeowner in Odon purchased this home and was told the previous owner had waterproofing around the perimeter of the home installed. They would continue to get small amounts...
CleanSpace Crawlspace Installation in Jasper, IN
These Jasper homeowners contacted Healthy Spaces regarding odors and moisture in their 1875 square foot crawlspace. The crawlspace was comprised of several chambers due to...
Huntingburg, IN Crawlspace Encapsulated and Vents Sealed
There are always challenges when assessing a home that has mold problems--what will be done with the home’s contents, whether or not the residents will be able to stay...
Flooding Crawlspace in Owensboro, KY Repaired
This Owensboro home was experiencing a muddy, watery flooding that lead to indoor air quality problems and structural instability. The homeowners noticed that the crawlspace...
Owensboro, KY Crawlspace gets Turtl Crawlspace Door
Crawlspace access wells are generally nasty looking places that are irritating and impractical to properly secure. They let in debris, leaves, mold spores, critters and more....
Flooded Crawl Space in Petersburg, IN
Our customer in Petersburg, IN, had a constant battle with standing water in her crawl space. Aside from having standing water, there was also excess moisture which over a...
Utica, KY Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation
Crawlspaces have really bad reputations--they are dirty, dank, and downright disagreeable to enter.  That's why these Utica, KY homeowners had opted not to hang out in...
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