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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Basement Wall Repair for Bowing in Evansville, IN

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 by Cassi Sherman Henes


This Evansville, IN home is a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom single family home measuring in at just under 1000 square feet.  The home was built in 1946 on a block foundation.  Due to the age of the home, the homeowner had initially thought that the slight bulge in one basement wall was not a problem.  As he watched the spot for several seasons, he noticed that the bulge was getting worse.  He contacted Healthy Spaces to evaluate the problem and provide an estimate for repairs.

Damon Cheatham, a Foundation Repair Specialist with Healthy Systems, came out and evaluated the entire home.  The only foundation movement present was the bowing, bulging, and now horizontally cracked basement wall.  He recommended installing 8 GeoLock wall anchors along the wall at intervals to gradually straighten the wall.


GeoLock Wall Anchors by Foundation Supportworks are installed by drilling tension rods through the wall from the interior out into the yard.  The tension rods are then connected to earth anchors lodged in virgin soil and tightened to engineer specifications.  The interior faceplates are tightened into place and the system is initially set.

As seasonal fluctuations in soil moisture occur, the homeowner will tightened the system and the wall will gradually return to a plumb condition.  

Daniel Steele and his installation crew installed the 8 GeoLock Wall Anchors for optimal tightening and performance.  The two GeoLock Wall Anchors closest to the corners were spaced just 2 feet from the corners to provide stabilization along the entire wall area.  The rest of the wall anchors were spaced evenly off of those two points to make sure that there was consistent pressure again the cracking, bowing basement wall.  After the installation was complete, GeoLock Wall Anchor Faceplate covers were installed to create a clean and finished look to the project.

Anthony, the homeowner, said, "...I was impressed with your crew that came to my house and worked on the basement. All were very polite and hardworking. I thought it was very nice that they let me know what was going on--even in passing, they would keep me informed of what was going on, what they were doing next, and the progress being made. They were also very, very polite and considerate. I was quite satisfied with this group!"

Project Summary

Owner: Tim Runyon

Project Manager: Damon Cheatham

Project Foreman: Daniel Steele

About the author
Cassi holds over 15 years experience in the construction, real estate, and education industries. She is certified in foundation repair technology, soil dynamics, and system design from the Foundation Supportworks Institute.

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