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Mold in Eckerty, IN Crawl Space

Nick C. from Eckerty, IN knew there was something going on in his crawl space. He had purchased the home a year ago, and began to notice an odd smell. As time went on, the smell only got worse, so he did a quick Google search and reached out to us at Healthy Spaces to do a free inspection. 

We send a System Design Specialist to Nick's home to assess the mold situation going on in his crawl space. In order to prevent mold from growing, the basement and crawl space must be kept dry and without humidity. The key to controlling mold in your basement or crawl space is to eliminate the humidity that keeps it thriving. Nick agreed and Steven, the lead of our Mold Crew, came out and started the process. Our remediation process includes removing all mold-damaged materials, drying out the basement or crawl space, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces.

Nick noticed the smell beginning to go away and was so thankful that he made the call to Healthy Spaces. 

Leaking Basement and Windows in French Lick, IN

Bob V., from French Lick, IN was living in the 1973 home that was handed down to him from his in-laws. After their first flood in the home, Bob discovered mold behind the drywall in one of the bedrooms in the basement, as well as cracking on the floor. The window wells also fill up with water, and water gushes in through them while it's raining. Once this happened, he decided to reach out to Healthy Spaces for a free estimate. 

Design Specialist, Mike McAtee, was called out to help Bob determine what would aid his issues best. After Mike made a thorough inspection of the issues, he advised starting with a WaterGuard system and TripleSafe. This system would ensure that any water in the basement would run straight to the new TripleSafe sump pump. From there, it would flow through discharge lines and be returned outside. To prevent the window issues, Bob would also have new SunHouse Window Wells installed. These enclosures feature a sturdy, clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth, keeps leaves, debris, and rain out.

A Sturdy Basement Foundation in French Lick, IN

When Dane H. from French Lick, IN would walk across his floors upstairs, he knew they were uneven. Every time he walked across them, they creaked. Dane had been putting them off, but finally decided that enough was enough. He decided to call Healthy Spaces to see what the best solution would be. 

Design Specialist, Mike McAtee, came out to do a thorough inspection of Danes basement. To stabilize the floor upstairs, 4 SmartJacks were installed. These SmartJacks are a steel support system that is used to permanently stabilize and level the girders and floor joists. They don't replace the existing columns and piers but add strength and stability to what is there. After these are installed, they lift the above floors and walls back toward their original position.

Since the work was completed, Dane hasn't heard his creaking floors.


Wall Crack in Basement Wall McDaniels, KY

Tom used his home in McDaniels, KY, as his vacation home. His walkout basement had a half wall that had a crack in it and gave Healthy Spaces a call for a free, no-obligation inspection. 

Our team installed 4 GeoLock Wall Anchors which are heavy-duty steel earth anchors that are embedded in stable soil away from the foundation wall. They're connected to steel wall plates with galvanized steel rods. Once tightened, the anchors hold the wall securely in place. The system can also be tightened during dry seasons to further straighten walls over time.

Bowing or cracked walls? Foundation settling? Healthy Spaces can help! We specialize in basement waterproofing, crawl space and foundation repair, mold remediation, and total basement finishing! We serve Falls of Rough, Hardinsburg, Fordsville, Reynolds Station, Hawesville, and many other surrounding areas in Kentucky and Indiana!

New Vapor Barrier in Branchville, IN

Homeowner in Branchville, IN had a damp environment in his crawl space underneath his home. Any moisture is bad in a crawl space because not only do insects and critters of all kinds love this type of environment and wet materials, but mold also thrives in it as well. Our client had previously used Healthy Spaces before at a different home so he knew he wanted to give us a call to help him with his unhealthy space.

Our System Design Specialist worked with him to create a plan that he felt comfortable with and would give him peace of mind. Our team installed a complete encapsulation system, along with drainage matting, and crawl space wall insulation.

Because he had a concrete floor with rocks over the top, we installed our CleanSpace drainage matting. This is used when it's difficult to install a drainage system. Installed under our CleanSpace vapor barrier, the matting creates a drainage space and thermal break between CleanSpace and the ground. Next, we installed our SilverGlo Wall Insulation. SilverGlo is infused with graphite, which reflects heat and lower's the material's conductivity. This makes your crawl space and floors above them warmer in the winter and lowers your cost of heating bills. Lastly, our team installed over the top of the drainage matting and SilverGlo our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. Our CleanSpace Encapsulation System completely isolates your home from the earth by sealing it over the floor and walls. 

Looking to have a vapor barrier installed in your crawl space? Give Healthy Spaces a call today for a free, no-obligation assessment!

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