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We had our entire crawlspace flood on us and needed the mold taken care of pronto.  We decided to use Healthy Spaces because had everything we needed to solve our problems in one stop.  We asked tons of questions throughout the process and Andy and Chad went over everything with us—again and again if we wanted.  We’re huge fans!
Marty S. of Depauw, IN
Friday, January 6th
Damon Cheatham at Healthy Spaces contacted my mother promptly after being told about cracks in walls and sticking doors from a sinking foundation. My mother tends to be very nervous about new people or projects but Damon put her at ease immediately and she enjoyed visiting with him.  He even helped her with some household chores she needed done. He was thorough in his assessment of what was required, kept me informed during the process, and provided the better and more reasonable cost estimate of the two contractors. The craftsmen at Healthy Spaces were skilled, efficient, and considerate of my mother's concerns. The project was finished quickly, including taking care of the mold problem under the house, and the results are excellent. They will follow up later to make sure the foundation is stabilized. I was very pleased with the overall experience.
Raymond B. of Brandenburg, KY
Monday, March 2nd
We recently had Damon Cheatham out to look at our moldy crawlspace.  We discovered the mold when we had our HVAC serviced this summer and the technician told us there was mold.  We had Damon out to look at things and quote us on remediation.  We also wanted to know how to prevent it from coming back in the future.  Damon was very professional and friendly.  He walked us through the mold remediation process, as well as options for permanent solutions.  Great experience!
Kaylie R. of Guston, KY
Friday, August 18th
We absolutely love our home.  It's a great place to live and we love how gorgeous the views are.  My wife and I were heartbroken when we realized that the foundation was failing in some way.  We had cracking in the stonework on one side of the house, where our two additions met up.  We tried having a mason fix it by filling the cracks, but the cracking came back.  We noticed that the floors were sagging too.  I called Healthy Spaces after a friend recommended them.  When Donnie came out, I was surprised at how many measurements he took and how careful he was.  We tal;ked through options and decided on a course of action that would help us.  They installed new subfloor support beams and SmartJacks, adjustable teleposts.  The floor is level now and the exterior cracking hasn't returned.  I couldn't be happier with the whole project and we'll have them out soon to install a new vapor barrier in the crawlspace!
Dave H. of Webster, KY
Friday, March 10th
They were hired to repair my foundation and went above and beyond in the work that they did. Recognized that my foundation was nonexistent and made necessary repairs. 
Eric G. of Bristow, IN
Wednesday, November 16th
It's pouring rain all day and the streets are flooded. Our sump pump alarm started beeping. Within 30 minutes Richie from Healthy Spaces was under our home! There is no way you can get that kind of service from any other company! Healthy Spaces is unbelievably the best! Thank you so much for all you do.
Deb D. of Tell City, IN
Saturday, December 21st
Damon and steven along with Steffany are the reason we will keep telling friends and family to always use your company. Those guys are amazing!
Jackie D. of Cannelton, IN
Monday, March 9th
Testimonial Photo by Jonah G.
Chris Russell came out to my house because my floor seemed to be settling in my basement.  Chris took lots of measurements and found two problems: a bowing foundation wall and a section of settling basement floor.  Chris and I examined possible causes and realized that the landscaping on that side was letting water pool right next to the downspout.  I decided to try fixing the drainage on the outside of my home rather than have Chris and Healthy Spaces fix it rght away.  I plan to have Chris back out this winter to check on how things are progressing.
Jonah G. of Saint Anthony, IN
Thursday, September 7th
We had a fine group of men that came out to my house. They were very considerate and answered all of my questions. They were very hard working and easy to talk to.
Jacqueline B. of Loogootee, IN
Sunday, November 29th
Over the course of the last few years we have taken several measures to increase the energy efficiency of our home. But, much to our disappointment, after the addition of a new high efficiency furnace, attic insulation, and replacement windows, our house developed some very serious ventilation problems. We began to smell several different offensive odors. When we inspected the crawlspace, we found a very wet crawlspace floor, condensation on our duct work, and mold on our floor joists. At that point we knew that our crawlspace was a major component of our air quality woes. We began to frantically research such problems on the Internet and soon discovered that there are a myriad of disagreeing ideas on how to deal with a troubled crawlspace. Likewise, we discovered a number of contractors advertising that they could cure a sick crawlspace. The compilation of the smell of the house, allergy reactions, and so many decisions to make was very perplexing and stressful. Tired of the search and ready for relief, I chose a contractor from the phone book and set up an appointment that led to a signed contract to repair our problems. However, after spending thousands of dollars on the contractor that I chose, we ended up with little or no improvement. And, in some ways, we were even worse off after their work was done. Our already high level of stress increased exponentially. That's when we called Healthy Spaces. I was impressed that Healthy Spaces began the process of negotiating a deal by helping to educate us about the nature of the problem. Additionally, we were able to inspect the materials that would be used to fix our problem. Once again we signed a contract with a crawlspace improvement company. But this time things were different. The salesperson that expressed a genuine concern for us prior to the sale, exhibited that same concern throughout the entire process of encapsulating the crawlspace. Every time we asked questions, we received answers. The men that did the work were courteous and professional. Every single promise that Indiana Crawlspace made came to fruition. While other contractors were quick to boast of a high degree of customer service, Indiana Crawlspace (Healthy Spaces) demonstrated customer service throughout the course of their work. Their customer service in action exceeded our expectations. I can recommend Healthy Spaces without any reservations, because our family has been the recipient of a job well done. Joe Daniels Hawesville, KY
Joe D. of Hawesville, KY
Healthy Spaces did a great job waterproofing our basement to get ready to finish it. They got the job done on time in 3 days. The team was very professional and friendly. They even brought our empty trash can back to our house on trash day! I would highly recommend Healthy Spaces to anyone!
Chelsea B. of Hawesville, KY
Wednesday, July 15th
Our basement was flooding and the walls were leaking.  We had been told that there was a foundation footer drain around the house, but realized that it must have been crushed or clogged for some time.  We looked at lots of solutions to the problem.  Initially, I wanted something outside the walls, but the price for that was really high, so I started asking around for other ideas.  A neighbor of mine had Healthy Spaces install a french drain in their basement and they were really happy, so I decided to give them a try. The estimator came out and looked around and we talked through the options.  My budget was limited,  I felt like he really listened and offered some options that were affordable and would work.  We had a french drain system installed and a wall vapor barrier system, as well as a sump pump.  The basement has been dry ever since!
Kathy C. of Ferdinand, IN
Friday, August 18th
Healthy Spaces is top rated in my book!
Casey M. of Jasper, IN
Tuesday, May 19th
We are pleased with the job Healthy Spaces did. The office staff sets a great tone. The work that was done was great! Everyone did a great job! 
Jerry H. of Jasper, IN
Tuesday, September 29th
After I made an appointment with the company, they sent me this wonderful packet. It had information on the companies history. They sent a picture of who my appointment was to be with and his history or qualifications to do the job. Also, there was a booklet about mold with information and tips on helping to prevent future problems. The gentleman that came to see what need to be done took the time to explain everything to me. He did question if I had an inspection done when I purchased the house. I told him yes. He asked if there had been anything about my crawl space, which was no. He had me go take a look at the crawl space with him and showed me the problems. It explained why my living room floor was always so cold. The team that came to do the work was polite and professional. I did not have a problem leaving my house in there hands since I had to work. When they completed the work, I was shown by the team leader what had been done before final payment was even discussed. They cleaned up behind themselves. Not leaving an unusual mess. I am very happy with what they did and would use them again if I need there other services.
Rebecca L. of Huntingburg, KY
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