Basement Waterproofing in Bee Spring, KY

A family in Bee Spring, KY wanted a guarantee that we would protect their basement from rainy days. Waterproofing their basement was a vital step toward utilizing their space more. The white chalky powder that is visible on the walls is from minerals in the concrete, mortar, or soil that dissolves in water and is left behind when the water evaporates off the surface of the wall. This occurrence is called efflorescence. It is sometimes confused with mold, but it is not harmful. The efflorescence is a sign that water can somehow come through the wall. 

Putting an end to the seeping of water through the basement walls was accomplished by installing a few items in the basement. A Super Sump Pump was placed in to pump out any water that would enter the basement. The BrightWall system was put in to drain any water leaks down behind it to the perimeter drainage system. It is a semi-rigid white plastic panel that made the basement much brighter. As it transformed the basement from a once efflorescence home to a bright and cheery place to either sleep or hang out, the family could live in the home peacefully.


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