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Making a Fort Knox, KY Basement a Healthier Space

"Our basement was a waste of square footage!  With growing kids, I needed somewhere for them to hang out with their friends that wasn't right on top of each other.  We decided to finish the basement".

This is a common situation for many homeowners in the Fort Knox area.  Basements tend to be damp, moldy, and smelly.  Thankfully, they don't have to stay that way!  Healthy Spaces can transform an ugly waste of space into a beautiful addition to your home.  

In this case, the homeowners had the basement stripped down, treated for mold and fungus, then elected to have Zen Wall panels installed because they will not mold or deteriorate.  They also installed a Waterguard system to direct wall moisture and ground water into a sump pump system and discharge system for removal.  The basement will be a cleaner, healthier place for the kids to hang out!

Leitchfield, KY Discharge Line Installation

One of the most important features of a good sump pump system is the discharge line.  The Healthy Spaces installation team is putting in solid, rigid PVC discharge line.  A rigid discharge line will not crush or deform when the fill soils are replaced and the soil is tamped down.  Second, a good discharge system needs to be resistant to freezing.  The Healthy Spaces team installed ice guards on this discharge system to prevent freezing and cracking.  Third, a discharge line needs to direct water as far as possible from the foundation to prevent groundwater from flowing back into the basement.  Fourth, a discharge line needs to have a safe, effective, and clog resistant end cap.  The Healthy Spaces team is installing lawnscapes at the ends of these discharge lines.

Basement Waterproofing in Bee Spring, KY

A family in Bee Spring, KY wanted a guarantee that we would protect their basement from rainy days. Waterproofing their basement was a vital step toward utilizing their space more. The white chalky powder that is visible on the walls is from minerals in the concrete, mortar, or soil that dissolves in water and is left behind when the water evaporates off the surface of the wall. This occurrence is called efflorescence. It is sometimes confused with mold, but it is not harmful. The efflorescence is a sign that water can somehow come through the wall. 

Putting an end to the seeping of water through the basement walls was accomplished by installing a few items in the basement. A Super Sump Pump was placed in to pump out any water that would enter the basement. The BrightWall system was put in to drain any water leaks down behind it to the perimeter drainage system. It is a semi-rigid white plastic panel that made the basement much brighter. As it transformed the basement from a once efflorescence home to a bright and cheery place to either sleep or hang out, the family could live in the home peacefully.


Leaking Basement and Windows in French Lick, IN

Bob V., from French Lick, IN was living in the 1973 home that was handed down to him from his in-laws. After their first flood in the home, Bob discovered mold behind the drywall in one of the bedrooms in the basement, as well as cracking on the floor. The window wells also fill up with water, and water gushes in through them while it's raining. Once this happened, he decided to reach out to Healthy Spaces for a free estimate. 

Design Specialist, Mike McAtee, was called out to help Bob determine what would aid his issues best. After Mike made a thorough inspection of the issues, he advised starting with a WaterGuard system and TripleSafe. This system would ensure that any water in the basement would run straight to the new TripleSafe sump pump. From there, it would flow through discharge lines and be returned outside. To prevent the window issues, Bob would also have new SunHouse Window Wells installed. These enclosures feature a sturdy, clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth, keeps leaves, debris, and rain out.

Leaky Basement in Cloverport, KY

Homeowners in Cloverport, KY called Healthy Spaces in a panic when they noticed water in their basement. They were tired of constantly worrying about what could happen to their home if they weren't home when it rained, so they decided to find a solution. 

Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, came to the customers home to help provide the best solution. 

In this home, we installed our popular WaterGuard system with a new sump pump. The WaterGuard system is installed along the perimeter of the basement and has a special flange to catch wall moisture. If water does happen to come in, it is directed through the WaterGuard into the SuperSump, then removed far from the basement through the discharge line.

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