Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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New Sump Pump in Tell City, IN

Homeowner Greg K. noticed that water was easily seeping into his basement. He also realized that when it rained, his sump pump was no longer doing its job. With a lot of important information and valuables stored in the basement, Greg couldn't afford for the rain to ruin them.

Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, met with Greg to discuss his issues and what he wanted in his new basement. After the discussion, they decided that the basement needed a new WaterGuard system and TripleSafe sump pump. The WaterGuard is a drain system that goes around the perimeter of the basement to collect any water that might come in. From there, the water would be transferred to the TripleSafe sump pump where it would be taken outside of the home and disposed of. The nice thing about the TripleSafe is that is has a backup battery so if the power goes out during a storm, the sump pump will still work. 

Greg is now loving his new basement, and can now relax during rain knowing that no water will be able to intrude and cause him problems. 

Energy-Efficient Basement Windows Saint Meinrad, IN

Our client in Saint Meinrad, IN, had recently purchased a home a 106 year home that would get water leaking in through the basement windows when it would rain. The purpose of basement windows is to add appeal to your space by bringing in natural sunlight. 

Our team installed our EverLast Basement Windows that are energy-efficient, vinyl-framed replacement windows. They're designed with double-paned which are much more energy-efficient than the single-paned, steel-framed windows that are the industry standard. The EverLast Windows will never rot, rust, decay, or need paint. They won't be affected by being exposed to the elements, all the while maximizing the beauty of the basement space. The Low-E double thermopaned glass of EverLast™ Basement Windows saves you on your energy bills. It's a small upgrade that can really make a big difference for your home!

Efflorescence on Basement Walls in Hawesville, KY

Efflorescence is a common problem this time of year throughout Kentucky and Indiana.  Mineral rich groundwater penetrates the concrete blocks of the foundation wall and evaporates, leaving behind a rust-colored mineral deposit.  

The best way to combat this problem is to prevent the basement from flooding by installing a Waterguard system and accompanying that installation with a wall system like ZenWall.  These non-warping, mold resistent panels can help direct wall moisture into the Waterguard system and prevent that moisture from evaporating inside the basement.  In some cases, the homeowner may elect to have a treatment like Cactus juice applied.  Here, you can see the before an after of the effloresence and it's removal and the application of Cactus juice.  Once the hooks have been removed from the wall, the wall system will be ready to install.  The Waterguard system, previously installed in 2013, has been functioning perfectly!  The homeowners are once step closer to the basement of their dreams!

Damp Basement in Hawesville, KY

This Hawesville, KY basement would leak every time it rained. The homeowners needed a solution to repair and prevent the damage from reoccurring because they were tired of worrying about it. Their basement was full of valuable tools, equipment, keepsakes, and even a treadmill that they frequently used.

Our Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, quickly came to evaluate the home. After inspection, he concluded that the basement would need a WaterGuard system and a TripleSafe sump pump installed. The homeowners wanted something to cover the walls, so they decided on CleanSpace and Basement to Beautiful Panels.

A WaterGuard system would be used to take the intruding water straight to the new TripleSafe sump pump, where it would then be taken through exit lines and disposed of outside of the home. The CleanSpace wall covering brightens your basement, while also acting as a vapor barrier. The Basement to Beautiful Panels are custom engineered foam panels with studs that are fastened directly to your foundation walls. If the homeowners decide they want additional wall coverings over the panels, it will be an easy fix while still keeping it dry.

Leaky Basement Windows in Odon, IN


Homeowner Rita, from Odon, IN had a finished basement that would leak water. Having window wells that were over 25 years old and uncovered made an easy path for water to leak in. Since the basement has low air pressure (sucking air in), the cold winter air or warm humid summertime air is pulled into the basement. You end up paying more in heating, cooling, and dehumidification costs than if you were to replace the windows.

Rita gave Healthy Spaces a call and Design Specialist Jake Stilwell, quickly came to evaluate her basement windows. He concluded that Rita would need 5 new EverLast basement windows, along with our SunHouse window enclosures. EverLast windows are all vinyl so they'll never rot, rust, or need to be painted. They also have double pane glass and good weather stripping for warmth and comfort. Our SunHouse basement window enclosures feature a sturdy, clear cover that fits nicely and a bottom that prevents weed growth, keeps leaves, debris, and rain out. The best benefit of the SunHouse for Rita to enjoy is that it allows more sunlight to bounce into her basement giving her natural sunlight.


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