Sagging Floors in Madisonville, KY

This homeowner in Madisonville, KY became very worried about what was happening in her crawl space after she noticed a soft spot walking across her floor. Not wanting to get in the crawl space herself, she decided to do some research online. After reading all of reviews on Google, she knew she needed to give Healthy Spaces a call to come out and assess her problem.

Our System Design Specialists, Damon Cheatham, quickly came to evaluate her crawl space. He concluded that due to the high humidity in her crawl space, it was causing her supplemental beam and joists to weaken and sag. If left untreated, this can result in sagging, sloping floors, drywall cracks, and door that don't open or close properly.

With a plan set, Joe Parsons and his production team came to the home to start the project.

10 SmartJacks were installed throughout the crawl space. Along with installing a new supplemental beam. The SmartJack system stabilizes crawl space beams and floor joists. It's the ideal solution to lift the floors above the crawl space toward their original elevation and reduce floor "bounce" caused by weakened floor joists. SmartJacks do not replace the existing columns and piers, but add strength and stability to what is there. Galvanized steel columns are cut to length, set on a cast aluminum footing and secured to existing girders or supplemental beams with adjustable brackets. The support beam and floor joists are immediately stabilized and the above floors and walls can be lifted back toward level. 

If you're experiencing symptoms with your floor like this Madisonville homeowner, give Healthy Spaces a call for a free inspection. Regain property value, improve quality of life and restore your peace of mind right away.

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