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A Sturdy Basement Foundation in French Lick, IN

When Dane H. from French Lick, IN would walk across his floors upstairs, he knew they were uneven. Every time he walked across them, they creaked. Dane had been putting them off, but finally decided that enough was enough. He decided to call Healthy Spaces to see what the best solution would be. 

Design Specialist, Mike McAtee, came out to do a thorough inspection of Danes basement. To stabilize the floor upstairs, 4 SmartJacks were installed. These SmartJacks are a steel support system that is used to permanently stabilize and level the girders and floor joists. They don't replace the existing columns and piers but add strength and stability to what is there. After these are installed, they lift the above floors and walls back toward their original position.

Since the work was completed, Dane hasn't heard his creaking floors.


Celestine, IN Bulging Wall Stabilization

This Celestine, IN home was have a problem with expansive soils pressing inward on the block foundation basement walls.  The pressure was causing bulging and cracking, which besides being ugly, was actually showing the foundation needed reinforcing in those areas.  

The standard repair is usually to anchor the wall by driving rugged steel wall anchors from the interior of the basement through virgin soil out to an anchor in the yard.  The wall anchor system is not functional in every situation.  There was a challenge to repairing this wall because there wasn't adequate easement on the side of the house to allow for wall anchoring.  Due to the extremely tight quarters, anchoring was out.  Instead, Chris, the design specialist, suggested reinforcing and stabilizing the wall with beams called PowerBraces.  Powerbraces anchor above the wall and below it to keep the wall stable and the foundation movement from affecting safety.  The installation took just a couple days and was an immediate relief to the worried homeowners!  

Bowing & Cracked Wall in Lewisport, KY

This Lewisport home was experiencing the common signs of a wall failure problem: stair-step cracking on the inside of their home. Once these homeowners realized that the problem could (and would!) eventually get worse, they quickly gave Healthy Spaces a call to solve the problem.

Our System Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, concluded that the foundation would need to permanently stabilize the walls by installing PowerBraces. The PowerBrace is designed to support basement walls and allow for potential straightening over time. Some highlights on installing PowerBraces are: their zinc coating makes the entire system resistant to corrosion, clean-cut appearance, and professionally installed. 

With a plan set, Kye Devine and his production team came to the home to start the project.

Hartford, IN Foundation Stabilization

Foundation stabilization technology has changed a lot in the last 150 years.  Unfortunately, many of the foundation components haven't.  This home, like many in the Hartford, IN area, is resting on a yellow brick foundation.  In order to stabilize the bricks and keep the foundation level, concrete pylons were poured at intervals along the foundation.  Now, the homeowners have noticed extreme settling and cracking throughout the home.  The best and most long-lasting way to stabilize this foundation is to clip the pylons and put the entire home on a rugged steel push pier system.  In the before picture, you can see the pylon and surrounding brick.  In the after picture, you can see the installed piers, which have been hydraulically driven to the engineer approved resistance depth and are resting on bedrock underneath. The piers have been capped off and the home is now off weighted from the failing soil onto the piers.

Edwardsport, IN Foundation Issues

With cracking in this Edwardsport, IN basement walls happening before homeowner, Seth S. eyes, he knew it was a project much larger than he could fix himself. A few years ago, the crack started out small, but over time it widened and grew. He decided to give Healthy Spaces a call about his foundation issues, and an appointment was quickly set. 

Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, came to Seth's home and did a thorough inspection of his basement. Once they put a plan together, our foundation crew came out and installed PowerBraces to support the walls. The PowerBrace is an adjustable steel I-beam system with two important benefits: stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and (over time) forcing bowed or tilting wall sections back to their original position. All PowerBrace components are manufactured to exacting standards, with an anti-corrosion zinc coating that will keep them looking like new for decades to come!


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