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Boonville, IN Home Stabilized with SmartJacks

The owners of this home in Boonville, IN were experiencing uneven floors throughout their home and were interested in fixing this problem. Our Design Specialist met with the homeowners and together they decided that the SmartJack system was the best solution. 

SmartJacks are steel support systems used to stabilize and level the girders and floor joists in a crawl space. They are able to support 60,000 lbs. The SmartJacks were installed directly into the foundation floor, extending 3 feet tall, permanently stabilizing, lifting the home and providing level floors.

Stabilize Sagging Floors in Boonville, IN

Homeowner Mike, who lives in Boonville, IN, has noticed that his floors have begun to slowly sag over the years. After doing some research, he reached out to Healthy Spaces to have his situation assessed. Design Specialist, Donnie Stuteville, looked at her issue and proposed him a SmartJack System. 

The SmartJack System is made of zinc-plate and hot-dip galvanized steel to prevent rust and eliminate weakening from moisture, mold, and wood rot. They had a load capacity of more than 60,000 pounds making them ideal for stabilizing a home's sagging floor. The concrete is dug up and filled with tightly-compacted crushed stone to provide the proper weight barring exertion needed for each column. Once the holes are filled, the SmartJacks are installed and cemented down to the floor and connected to the girder system. Each SmartJack is tightened to permanently stabilize the floor, and even potentially lift the floors back to level.

Foundation Issues in Lynnville, IN

Homeowners Robert and Juliet of Lynville, IN began to worry when they saw visible cracks in their foundation. This is often a sign of your home settling. It was bulging out due to swelling soils.  The soil was swelling because groundwater was present. That created another problem--leaking walls.

Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, was called out to help these homeowners. Upon inspection, they decided that the PowerBrace System would be the best fit for the problem. The PowerBrace System is designed to permanently stabilize your home's foundation. Its purpose is to support basement walls and allows for straightening over time. It has a joist reinforcement method which helps with distributing the weight evenly. This eliminates the worry of damaged wood floor joists that are common with other foundation correcting systems. 

A Stable Foundation in Greenville, KY

This home in Greenville, KY needed a way to stabilize their garage beams. They seemed to be sagging, and they didn't want it to become even worse than it already was. They gave us a call at Healthy Space, and Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, was happy to come out, and see the problem.

After Damon did a thorough inspection of the home, he concluded that SmartJacks would be the best fit for this home. SmartJacks are steeled support systems used to permanently stabilize and level girders and floor joists. They don't replace the existing columns and piers but add strength and stability to what is there. They should be used to lift the above floors and walls back toward their original position, reduce floor 'bounce' caused by excessive floor joist spans, and solve the problem once and for all. Because of their design, the SmartJacks can be adjusted over time to provide additional straightening and leveling action if necessary. They can also hold up to 60,000 pounds! 


Princeton, IN Homeowner Experiencing Structural Sagging Floors in Crawl Space

This homeowner in Princeton, IN noticed their floor was starting to sag in certain areas. They didn't want to take the chance of the problem becoming even bigger so they decided to give Healthy Spaces a call.

Our Design Specialist was quickly able to find the problem and designed a plan for this homeowner to fix their floors. Crawl spaces can experience structural sagging due to rot-weakened joists, girders, or posts. In this case, you can see the floor joist shows signs of compression due to the weight of the home - and too few support posts. 

Healthy Spaces installed 4 SmartJack's, which provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space. A benefit to installing a SmartJack system is that they are made of galvanized steel for corrosion resistance. it can also support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 lbs.

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