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Permanent Foundation Solution in Haubstadt, IN

Randy M, a homeowner in Haubstadt, IN was experiencing signs of foundation issues in his basement. With the stair-step cracking getting worse in his block walls, he knew he had to do something. As you can see in the before photos, Randy created a temporary "DIY" fix to his problem. While it may have worked for a short amount of time, he still saw the cracks progressing to become more defined and knew it was time to call in professional help. 

Design Specialist, Chris Russell, completed a thorough inspection of Randy's basement and listened to his concerns. Chris recommended the PowerBraces be installed in the basement. Why is the PowerBrace system the best solution for the problems that occurred? One of the main reasons is that it allows for potential straightening over time. That means it can actually improve the condition of the wall over time, unlike other I-Beam systems. The zinc coating makes the entire system resistant to corrosion, reduces abrasion and wear, and creates a non-toxic surface. 

Randy's home's foundation is now strong and he doesn't have to worry about the problem getting worse. During his yearly renewals, our service technician is able to tighten these beams for him, maximizing the tightness and stability. 

Carbon Armor Provides Reinforcement for Block Foundation Wall in Evansville

What happens when your block foundation wall is starting to bow, buckle or bend?  The best way to reinforce your wall is to secure it with a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer like CarbonArmor.   It is 10 times stronger than steel and is specifically designed for basement walls.  First, an epoxy resin is applied to the prepared wall.  Next, the carbon fiber is applied to the resin and maximum contact and adhesion is ensured.  Once the CarbonArmor is applied to the wall, the wall is reinforced and the pressure from outside soils is being withheld by the straps, not transferred to your floor.

Foundation and Waterproofing Repair in Evansville, IN

This Evansville, IN family got very anxious every time it would rain because the horrible cracks in their basement walls made for an easy path for water to come in. Foundation wall cracks are nothing to take lightly. Their foundation walls were showing "staircase" cracks, indicating bowing or buckling walls. We determined that our patented PowerBrace system was perfect to fix this. As for the leaking water coming into their home, our WaterGuard would guarantee the water to be kept out, providing a healthy space for their family. 

Our Healthy Spaces team installed PowerBraces to support the basement wall and allow for potential straightening over time. The PowerBraces patented system allows for the tightening of the wall to improve the condition of the wall over time. The beams are zinc coated making them resistant to corrosion, reduces abrasion and wear, and creates a non-toxic surface. The beams also have a clean-cut appearance. The PowerBrace system utilizes a joist reinforcement method that distributes the load of the home, evenly as to not damage your floor system. Secondly, the WaterGuard and new sump pump were installed. WaterGuard effectively captures wall and floor seepage before it damages your basement floor. The WaterGuard drainage system sits on the top of the footing inside the basement so the pipes do not get clogged by mud or debris. The sump pump then effectively removes the water from the home. Lastly, the homeowners decided to use Cleanspace as an economical way to cover the basement walls. This 20-mil thick reinforced plastic liner will stop water vapor from permeating the walls, as well as drain wall leaks. The homeowners now have the peace of mind that they've always dreamed of. They are so happy with the finished product. 

Powerbraces Stabilize Walls in Henderson, KY Basement

These Henderson, KY homeowners were very concerned about the stability of their foundation wall.  It was bulging out due to swelling soils.  The soil was swelling because groundwater was present.  That created another problem--leaking walls.  The homeowners met with Damon Cheatham of Healthy Spaces and together, they designed a cost-effective, custom solution to both problems.

 First, the installation team would jackhammer out a trench around the perimeter of the basement to install Waterguard, a french drain-like system, that would capture the wall and floor moisture and direct it into a sump pump to be removed from the basement.  Second, the installers would place a wall moisture direction system called Brightwall on to the walls.  This will direct the wall leakage into the Waterguard before it comes into contact with the interior basement air.  This will keep the relative humidity lower and reduce the risk of mold growing in the basement.  Brightwall also has the added benefit of making the basement look brighter and cleaner--a real wow experience!  Third, the installation team installed several Powerbraces along the wall to stablize and reinforce it.  The Powerbraces are secured at the top and bottom to provide a rigid and structually sound reinforcement to the block wall.  As you can see, it looks like a completely new basement.  

Foundation Settlement in Robards, KY

This Robards foundation started off with a small crack above the garage door. Over the past few years that small crack turned into an even bigger one. They knew that they had to do something about this before the situation got worse, so they called Healthy Spaces to solve the problem. 

Our System Design Specialist, Mike Rogers, quickly came to evaluate the situation. He concluded that the foundation was settling and recommended installing Helical Piers. With a plan set, Kyle Devine and his product team came out to the home to start the project. 

Helical Piers were installed around the outside perimeter of the home and garage. Once the soil was removed from the areas where the piers were being installed, heavy-duty foundation brackets were positioned below the footing. The weight of the home was then transferred through the helical piers to deep, competent soils. 

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