Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Sump Pump Failure in Cloverport, KY

There was a sump pump in Cloverport, KY, that failed and the homeowners wanted to take action before it worsened. Because of the sump pump failure, the ground in the crawlspace was muddy. Some families want the ability to store keepsake items in a crawlspace if it is dry. A muddy crawlspace would make it difficult and unsafe to store papers because of the possibility of water damage. Water damage not only affects the crawlspace itself but the potential to use the space for more storage.  


A Smart Sump pump was installed as well as an EZflow drain to track and remove water that would enter a crawlspace. All openings were closed off to prevent outside air and water from entering. CleanSpace was installed to be spread out on the floor and sides of the crawlspace. A CleanSpace imitates an indoor environment, making it safe to store keepsake items. The homeowners were pleased to know that the crawlspace was repaired with an additional possibility of storage in the home.  


Damp Crawl Space in Falls of Rough, KY

Homeowner Joshua W. thought he had mold growing on his subfloor and moisture in his vents. He grew concerned that the quality of air would be affecting his family, so he called Healthy Spaces for a free estimate and Design Specialist, Bob Roberts, came out and inspected the home.

For starters, we eliminated, treated, and cleaned up all the mold growing in the damp crawl space. The after photo shows the amazing difference that the mold remediation team at Healthy Spaces created.  They treated the affected area with a chemical to kill the mold, then thoroughly scrubbed every surface to remove the spores and dead mold.  After removing the debris they were able to repair any damage from the mold in the subfloor. We installed the CleanSpace vapor barrier system along with SilverGlo insulation panels in the crawl space to make sure it stays protected. Lastly, we installed vent covers and a new SmartSump with an alarm so that the crawl space would stay dry.

Crawl Space Access Well Installed in Celestine, IN

This homeowner in Celestine, IN, had an addition to his home with a crawl space underneath it. He worried about moisture getting in and wanted to know what could be done about it, so he gave Healthy Spaces a call.

Our Design Specialist, Mike Rogers, met with the homeowners and together they decided that covering the crawl space entry well with The Turtl is the best way to eliminate that moisture.

The Turtl is a durable plastic crawl space access well that we offer as part of our crawl space vapor barrier system. It's not only an airtight cover, but it also doubles as an access well AND door combined! The plastic design is perfect for the outdoors because it's made to endure daily wear and tear and ensures that it will never rot, rust, or need paint. 

Tell City, IN Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

As you can see in these pictures, there's a huge difference between a crawlspace with an old black plastic vapor barrier and a CleanSpace installation!  One of the benefits of a CleanSpace system is that it is guarnteed against rips, tears, or water on top of the liner for 25 years.  The white surface of the Cleanspace reflects light instead of absorbing it (like that old black plastic), making a brighter crawlspace experience!  

Crawl Space Issues in Cannelton, IN

Karleen H. from Cannelton, IN had recently bought a new home.  The Inspector didn't find any mold, but after moving in, the crawl space smelled very musty. They hadn't been down there since they moved in but knew that they needed to turn this job over to the professionals. They gave Healthy Spaces a call and we went out to do a free no-obligation inspection.

System Design Specialist, Damon Cheatham, inspected the home and proposed a solution. First, the mold filled vapor barrier was pulled up by our install crew. Not only that, but the barrier itself has pulled away from the walls and wrinkled up to the point that it is not functional. From there, we installed CleanSpace. Our CleanSpace encapsulation system is lined in crawl spaces to permanently separate your home from the ground. This is part of a healthy crawl space and a healthy home. The new SmartSump sump pump is used for your crawl space drainage system. It is designed just for crawl spaces because the liner and lid form a tight seal around the CleanSpace liner.

Karleen is happy with her transformed crawl space and is even happier that the mold smell is gone.

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